Service Learning Pledge - 公益服務誓言

As a school community, we aim to “develop global citizens and leaders through academic excellence.”  The pledge below states how members of the CDNIS community practice being ‘global citizens’, and these statements are the result of inspiration from our CDNIS Mission Statement, the CDNIS Guiding Principles, the International Baccalaureate components of action and service, and key philosophies from service learning guru, Cathryn Berger Kaye. During the development of this pledge, it became clear that the younger and newer members of our community look to the older members for guidance and inspiration.  As a result, this pledge is for anyone associated with the CDNIS community, including students, staff, parents and alumni.

1. I recognize that I am a part of many different communities, including that of my family, school, city and world.


2. I understand that every human being has basic universal human rights, no matter what culture he or she is from.

3. I respect and appreciate diversity within all communities by taking the time to understand the views and feelings of others.

4. I recognize that the well-being of my communities is dependent on the health of our natural world.

5. I recognize that I have passions, skills and knowledge to offer my communities.

6. I consider the needs of my communities to make informed choices about how I plan to contribute.

7. I have the responsibility to use my strengths to take action within my communities in a way that benefits everyone involved.

8. I continually think about the impact of my actions to make positive changes to my personal behaviour and about the ways I contribute within my communities.

9. I am a positive role model who inspires and supports others to act.

10. I commit to continually apply my passions, skills and knowledge to my communities no matter where I am in the world.

Developed by the Service Learning Working Group 
Students: Leia Baig, Clare Leckie, Cecilia Li, Joanne Liu, Jessica Nip, Jun Pang, William Scarff 
Staff: Ms. Smriti Safaya, Ms. Sarah Urquhart, Mr. Jon Field, Ms. Penny Pan (translation)