"Companies need to invest in a data strategy for their entire ecosystem, not just themselves."

Cdling is a Participating Stakeholder and the underwriting sponsor of the Ontario Cross-Border Technology Innovation Ecosystem (OCTIE) study.

Every time I get 10 seconds in to describing OCTIE while I am in Silicon Valley, I get cut off with people immediately comparing it to the Startup Genome Project. A great compliment and though OCTIE starts with a network thesis rather than startup cycle or profiling approach, there are some similarities.  Instigated by entrepreneurs, draws together support from across institutions and the startup ecosystem, survives with the support of the community.

OCTIE is the prototype for our Innovation Network Analysis practice and from it our algorithms for Cdling Scores have evolved.

Thank you for your interest in OCTIE!

Dr. Wendy Cukier and Dr. Charles Davis from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University supervised this unprecedented study to develop insight into how information, power, support, capital, deal assessment, peer pressures and influence are distributed in Ontario’s Cross-Border Tech Innovation Ecosystem (OCTIE).

Participating in the study from across the startup ecosystem helped the researchers to develop insight into how Ontario’s Cross-Border Innovation Ecosystem works and we are currently seeking sponsors to help us share top level findings with the community to help improve innovation productivity.

For more information on OCTIE feel free to check out the OCTIE Study Blog.

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Michael Cayley
Cdling Capital Services Inc.