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How can you make a difference to your start-up community?

Reach all of the most important innovation decision makers. Help them reduce risk and succeed.  Unlike passive events or research reports an Innovation Network Analysis is powered by active engagement. Deliver network insights that can be acted on by individuals, organization and at the policy level.

Each touch point is qualified in one of the following ways:

1. Direct involvement with a local start-up as an investor, founder or advisor as identified in a review of investment transactions.

2. An outreach program endorsed by the highest profile organisations leading innovation in your area.

3. Through an online analysis that validates individual connections with start-ups from your area.

The Innovation Network Analysis (INA) method was designed by Cdling Capital Services Inc. with the advice of a team of innovation and social network analysis experts:

·        Dr. Wendy Cukier - VP of Research and Innovation at Ryerson University

·        Dr. Charles Davis - Edward S. Rogers, Sr. Research Chair in Media Management and Entrepreneurship and Professor at Ryerson University’s Media Studies and Ted Rogers School of Management

·        Dr. Olav Sorenson - Professor at Yale University’s School of Management

·        Dr. Marc Smith – Founder of NodeXL and Director of the Social Media Research Foundation

·        Dr. Peter Jones - Associate Professor in Strategic Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University and Managing Director at Redesign

Cdling ignites grass roots movements and partners with local companies and government organisations dedicated to leading innovation within their region and globally. As a publication sponsor of an Innovation Network Analysis (INA) you will occupy a leadership position in delivering unique value to your community.

If you want to get your region in the local innovation game you have let us know!

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