Behavior Management

Our class uses a positive discipline approach to behavior management. We use a colored card system to help children monitor their behaviors.  Each day, all children begin with a green card.  If a child is having difficulty following rules (not following directions, out of seat during seat work, etc.) a warning will be given.  If he chooses to continue to disregard rules, his card will be changed down to yellow.  If it happens again, the card will be changed to orange, and then, if necessary, to red.  These changes are a reminder for the child to rethink his behavior.  Students have a chance to redeem themselves and move back up if they show they are making better choices.  If a child is on green and shows exceptionally good behavior going above and beyond daily expectations, his card will be turned to blue. 

A quarterly behavior chart will be included in your child’s daily correspondence folder.  You must look at and sign the chart each evening.  The chart will show what color your child was on for that day.  The chart can be read as follows:

Blue: Superior, going above and beyond expectations

Green: Making great choices all day

Yellow: Slow down, could be making better choices

Orange: 5 minutes out of activity to think about making better choices, calm down, and get ready to rejoin the class activity

Red: Not making good choices, too many reminders, sit out of activity plus parent contact via a phone call or note home

Please take the time to view this folder each night throughout the school year, initial your child’s behavior star and return it EVERYDAY!