About Us

DFL 5th Congressional District (CD5) is a unit of the state Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) party in Minnesota. We are responsible for organizing DFL efforts in the 5th Congressional District.  On April 21, 2012 CD5 DFL proudly endorsed Congressman Keith Ellison for another term.

All residents of the Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota (CD5) who support the principles of the DFL Party and are not members of any other political party are eligible for membership in this organization. The 5th District DFL is governed between conventions by a Central Committee which meets at least semiannually, and by an Executive Committee which meets at least quarterly. Meeting dates, times and locations are posted on the main page of this website.

The Executive Committee consists of the Congressional District officers, the two highest ranking officers of each DFL Senate District (ranked chair, associate chair, secretary, treasurer, affirmative action officer) residing in the 5th Congressional District. Any Senate District partially within the 5th Congressional District with no officers residing in the 5th Congressional District may elect one member to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall include all members of the State Executive Committee residing in the 5th Congressional District.

Photo of Congressman Keith Ellison and Chair of CD5 DFL, Loren Olson.
The Central Committee consists of the Executive Committee members, those members of the State Central Committee residing in the district, and two at-large delegates (with two alternates) from each senate district wholly or partly in CD5. 
More information on these and related topics is available in the CD5 Constitution. If you are interested in joining and volunteering with CD5, you may attend any of the scheduled meetings or indicate your interest by contacting us.