Act 46 is a far reaching piece of legislation which has led the tuition districts of Barnet (PK-8), Peacham (PK-6), Walden (PK-8), and Waterford (PK-8) to explore the potential benefits of unifying their existing governance structures into a single, school board responsible for serving every student in these four school districts. The central goal of the law is improving the educational quality of schools throughout Vermont and to achieve that goal at an affordable and sustainable cost that taxpayers will value.


At the heart of the law are five key goals which the committee saw as essential guides to their work:


·         To provide substantive equity in the quality and variety of educational opportunities statewide.

·         To lead students to achieve or exceed the State’s Educational Quality Standards.

·         To maximize operational efficiencies through increased flexibility to manage, share, and transfer resources, with the goal of increasing the district-level ratio of students to full-time equivalent staff

·         To promote transparency and accountability.

·         To achieve these goals at a cost that parents, voters, and taxpayers value.


Central to the committee’s deliberations concerning any potential plan to unify their current school districts into a single district governed by a single school board representing the sending towns of Barnet, Peacham, Walden, and Waterford was one central overriding question:


How would unification benefit our children? Specifically, how would a new, unified district governance structure provide better, more equitable instructional opportunities and better support students to achieve or exceed the State’s Educational Quality Standards?

Clark, P. (2016). K-8 Exploratory Report

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MInutes and Agendas

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2017-09-21 Meeting Minutes
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Study Committee Members

Representing Walden School District
  • Judy Clifford
  • Ray Lewis
  • Rusty Shedd

Representing Waterford School District
  • Heather Gonyaw
  • Gary Allard
  • Wilson Thomas
  • Kim Willey

Executive Assistants

Minute Taker

 Representing Barnet School District
  • Sue Roberts
  • Lou Bushey
  • Dave Warden
  • Sonja Jolliffe


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