What is Act 46

Act 46 of 2015 provides opportunities for school districts to unify existing disparate governance structures into sustainable systems of education delivery that are designed to meet identified State goals while recognizing and reflecting local priorities.

Act 46 established a multi-year process with incentives for communities that voluntarily merge into the most common governance models. The schools of Danville, Cabot and Twinfield are working together in a Committee to explore merger possibilities to create one district with three schools that serve the students from age 3 through high school. Barnet, Walden and Waterford are working together looking at merger possibilities for their communities with schools serving preschool through grade 8 with high school choice. There are tax incentives available should these mergers be passed by June 30, 2017.

Districts that do not pursue or achieve a voluntary merger under one of the three phases are required to evaluate their ability to meet or exceed State goals, to talk with other districts, and to present proposals to the State Board of Education by November 30, 2017.