WELCOME to Mr. Lawrence's French Page


French 1 and 2:  Syllabus and Course Description

Learning in French class will involve listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the language, as well as a look at French-speaking countries and their cultures.  The fundamental goal will be vocabulary acquisition and oral self-expression.  Additionally, goals include comprehension of spoken and written French, a basic understanding of its grammar, and development of writing skills.  Further, as other cultures are explored, it is hoped that a sense of tolerance and appreciation of differences will be developed.

Specifically, work will include listening carefully in class, responding orally, reading assignments, listing all vocabulary covered, and completing written assignments. Much of the work will take place in class; some will take more time and effort.  Most of this will come from the textbook and workbook, but a variety of resources will be used.  Students are required to keep a notebook, to include bell work, vocab. list, notes, handouts, and assignments.  Flash cards (index cards) will be made for vocabulary. It is strongly recommended that each student obtain a small French-English dictionary. 

For each marking period, grading will consist of five parts, 20% each:

            1. Participation and Oral Performance in class

            2. Assignments (written assignments and projects)

            3. Vocabulary Quizzes

            4. Chapter Tests

            5. Workbook

Additionally, there will be Midterm or Semester Exams, and Final Exams.

All work should be completed promptly.  Late work may be accepted with an appropriate deduction in grade.  Missed work should be made up.  Failures on quizzes and tests can be overcome by retaking.  One quiz retake per 9 weeks, one test retake per semester, maximum.  If necessary, students will be required to come in for tutoring and/or retakes.