Welcome To WGS ART CLass!

Blast from the past picture, myself with oldest son Cody Younger days!

Something really cool with music, Check out this wonderful Guitarist/Artist Kaki King.  Here is the following TED talks link.

For those of you that don't know me, Hello, I am Mrs. Candace Lemons.  I have been teaching for close to 20 years in the Arts Education field.  Most of my teaching experience has been right here at Woodbury Grammar School, but always in Middle Tennessee.

    I have a wonderful husband, Andy, who is the love of my life and the most wonderful man in the universe.   He literally has to take care of me or I would forget everything. We live in the country on a small little place, we dub the mini-farm.   

We have two awesome fur babies.  Precious is a New Zealand white rabbit, she was Lumpy's aunt. Rosie is a chubby girl guinea pig.  Then, I have three Hermit Crabs that also come and stay at school with us for the school year. They are Dozier, the largest Hermit Crab, and Pearlie, finally there is Shelly.

    If you ever need to reach me, please contact me at the school's phone number:  615-563-2220, or you can email me at:  candace.lemons@ccstn.net.