Welcome Autumn!

We are collecting butter, chocolate chips, and country or city ham for the December 12th Run and Pancake Breakfast.

WGS students have collected 1034.4 oz. of Pull Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville, TN.  Students did a wonderful job collecting and counting them for the Pull Tab Challenge Contest.  Way to go WGS!

Seventh Grade students were working on a Share Peace Poster Contest for the Woodbury Lions Club.  Ty Kyne won the First Place.  Congratulations Ty!

Check out this wonderful Guitarist/Artist Kaki King.  Here is the following TED talks link.

We have recently won a grant for the Pets in the Classroom.  So we will be getting two Hermit Crabs soon.  I hope everyone enjoys them and learns about what it takes to care for an animal.  We will be getting the tank along with a kit for the little guys or girls.
Most of the students, faculty , and staff know that I raise rabbits also and we have some small baby bunnies that I bring sometimes.

Sad news for our WGS family, Mrs. Mallory Bradley is leaving us for a new adventure.  The following month will be a little random.  But know that we love you Mrs. Mallory!

We are going into the second Nine Weeks.  We have tons of fun and educational things going on.  This is the new site for myself and the art class.  For those of you that don't know me, Hello, I am Mrs. Candace Lemons and again let me welcome you to the new art class website.

    I have been teaching for more than 15 years in the Arts Education field.  Most of my teaching experience has been right here at Woodbury Grammar School, but always in Middle Tennessee.

    I have a wonderful husband,Andy, who is the most wonderful man in the universe.   He literally has to take care of me or I would forget everything. We live in the country on a small little place, we dub the mini-farm.   

We have three awesome fur babies.  Our dog's name is Baby, our disabled rabbit's name is Lumpy, and then we have Gladys, she is full of herself.  And yes, my husband named the rabbits!

    If you ever need to reach me, please contact me at the school's phone number:  615-563-2220, or you can email me at:  candace.lemons@ccstn.net.