Professonal Reading Suggestions

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Douglas Reeves Accountability For Learning How Teachers & School Leaders Can Take Charge 
Fielding, Kerr, Rosier Annual Growth For All Students, Catch-Up Growth For Those Who Are Behind Follow the Story of the Kennewick School District & How It Shows That All Children Can Succeed 
Susan Brookhart Assess Higher-Order Thinking Skills  A Straightforward, Practical Guide to Classroom Assessment  
Carol Ann Tomlinson & Tonya R. Moon Assessment & Student Success In a Differentiated Classroom An In-depth Look At Assessment & How Differentiation Can Improve The Process in All Grade Levels & Subjects 
Steven Zemelman, Harvey Daniels, Arthur Hyde Best Practices Inspiring Examples of State-Of-The-Art Teaching Methods in Action 
Stephen White Beyond the Numbers Making Data Work for Teachers & School Leaders 
Rick Stiggins, Judith Arter, Jan Chappuis, & Steve Chappuis Classroom Assessment for Student Learning Doing It Right-Using It Well 
Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler Crucial Conversations Tools For Talking When the Stakes Are High 
Mike Schmoker Focus Elevating the Essentials To Radically Improve Student Learning 
Susan Brookhart How To Design Questions & Tasks To Assess Student Learning Provides Specific Guidelines For Designing Targeted Questions & Tasks Aligned With CCSS 
Carol Ann Tomlinson & Jay McTighe Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding by Design A Fresh Perspective on Crafting a Powerful Curriculum in a Standards-Dominated Era & Ensuring Academic Success For All Students 
Todd Whitaker Leading School Shange Nine Strategies To Bring Everybody On Board 
Harvey Alvy & Pam Robbins Learning From Lincoln Leadership Practices for School Success 
Good-Bye Round Robin Michael Opitz & Timothy Rasinski 25 Effective Oral Reading Strategies 
Robyn Jackson Never Work Harder Than Your Students Explore the Severn Principles of Great Teaching & How to Become a Master Teacher  
Stephen Barkley Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching Describes the Role of the Coach in Education 
Debbie Miller Reading with Meaning Methods For Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades 
Sharon Vaughn & Sylvia Linan-Thompson Research-Based Methods of Reading Instruction, K-3 A Comprehensive Overview of the Five Core Instructional Areas and How Each Affects Student Achievement 
William Bender & Cara Shores Response to Intervention A Practice Guide for Every Teacher 
Mike Schmoker Results Now How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvements In Teaching & Learning 
Barbara Blackburn Rigor Is Not a Four-Letter Word Demonstrates How Individual Teachers Can Provide Challenging Learning Experiences in Their Classroom 
Larry Ainsworth Rigorous Curriculum Design How to Create Curricular Units of Study that Align Standards, Instruction, & Assessment 
Douglas Fiore & Todd Whitaker Six Types of Teachers Methods For Recruiting, Retaining, & Mentoring the Best 
Doug Lemov Teach Like a Champ 49 Techniques That Put Students On the Path to College 
Thomas Armstrong The Best Schools How Human Development Reserach Should Inform Educational Practices 
Carol Ann Tomlinson The Differentiated Classroom Methods For Responding to the Needs of All Learners  
Timothy Rasinski The Fluent Reader Oral Reading Strategies for Building Word Recognition, Fluency, & Comprehension 
Douglas Reeves The Learning Leader How to Focus School Improvement for Better Results 
John Hattie Visible Learning A Synthesis Of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Analyzing the Influence Of Various Practices On Student Achievement 
Todd Whitaker What Great Principals Do Differently Fifteen Things That Matter Most 
Anne Reeves Where Great Teching Begins Planning for Student Thinking & Learning 
Blanchard & Britt Who Killed Change? Solving the Mystery of Leading People Through Change 
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