Welcome to my home

Welcome to my third and fourth grade classroom. In these rooms, we are working hard each day to meet the new Tennessee standards. We are making gains everyday, and I know that the students will continue to amaze me in their enthusiasm and desire to learn.
   I love teaching; it is my outlet to creativity and never ending exploring and discovering new ideas. Everyday I seem to learn as much as the students.
   I have been at west Side for  a little over 13 years, and it is my home . My coworkers and the children in the school are my  family. I also have three children who have moved out  of the house and are all working on their own careers or college education. So I am a really proud mother and teacher of all my little ones.
   I love being outside and visiting the state and national parks. My favorite place in Tn. is Fall creek Falls. So this only leads to one of my favorite subjects of course ,science!This year I am the RLA teacher but I do include lots of science and history, which is also my favorite subject, in all of the RLA program.
    This site will guide you through the 3rd and 4th grade RLA curriculum and will give you some ideas about the class assignments and any additional practice your child may need.
Thanks for stopping by now come on in.