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2017-18 Art Course Descriptions:

Course description:

This introductory art course examines the visual arts according to standards that are disciplined based and explore goals from the NAEA, "The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education"

approach. In the first nine weeks of this year-long course, the major focus is on the elements of art – line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. How these elements are put together in a composition -- the principles of design – is the foundation of the second nine weeks; students will explore the ways that well known artists have used these basic building blocks of art. Throughout the year, we will explore many periods of art history, artists, styles & media and develop technical & critical skills found in our text book, Art in Focus.  Activities include studio projects, sketchbook, reading, writing, group activities, videos and quizzes.  All activities count toward your grade.


Prerequisite: Art I
Course Description:

Art II is an extension of Art I and emphasizes a higher level of art studies than its prerequisite. Students must have taken Art I or drawing and have maintained at least a B average to enroll in this class. The student will exhibit competence in the techniques, tools and media presented in class. Student will also be exposed to well-known artists of the past and present. Students will be required to compile a portfolio of their work.

Art 3-Advanced Art

Course description:

Prerequisite: both Art 1 and 2 with at least a B average

Course Description: An advanced level course in drawing and painting with an emphasis on developing a greater depth of understanding of art and application of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to their work in a variety of media. Studio experiences include drawing, painting, illustration, and printmaking projects. Each student will demonstrate progress over time by developing a body of work and organizing a portfolio.

3D Art

Course Description:

This art course deals with art in its 3-Dimensional form. A variety of mediums will be explored, which may include textiles, ceramics, paper wire sculpture…and more. Students will participate in a wide range of experiences using additive or subtractive sculptural techniques designed to build artistic and creative confidence. An appreciation for art from various cultures will be developed. Projects are designed to teach thinking skills and to include useful Art experiences such as color theory, so that no matter what vocation students pursue, the knowledge gained in this class will be of value to them.


Art 2 Syllabus:

Course Description

Art 2 is designed for students to create advanced artwork using a variety of Art making processes.  Students are expected to create well planned and well executed projects.  Traditional Art Making techniques will be built upon and new techniques will be explored. 

Art 2 Students will:

increase their observational drawing skills

become much more creative

master painting skills and techniques

create advanced work in the third dimension


create well thought out and well planned projects

students are given ample class time to complete all projects

incomplete projects may be taken home and completed with no penalty

students receive a grade on every project

Grading Rubric follows 0-4

Planning/Idea development- 

pre-planning in sketchbook


reference images

Use of Materials

Knowledge of Composition 

obvious visual flow

intentional placement

Overall Visual Appeal 


*Work not completed by due date may be taken home, worked on during flex, or worked on before/after school with no penalty.

*Late work must be finished and turned in by the end of the 6 weeks or a “0” will be put in as the grade.

Pottery Class Syllabus:

Mrs. B's Pottery 1 Syllabus

1.  Ceramics students will spend individualized time learning about the material that we will be working with - clay.  Where does clay come from? What is clay used for outside of this classroom? What are the physical properties and characteristics of clay. 2. The historical and global use of clay will be examined. How did primitive man discover the use of clay? Where in the world do they use clay? What is clay used for in industry? Can people become famous working with clay? Can you go to college to study clay? 3.   Clay will be studied as a craft medium. How can clay be formed to create things that can be used? 4.    Clay will be studied as an art medium. Can clay be used in a nonfunctional way such as for sculptures or things that  are just interesting to look at? 5.  We will spend most of our time working with the clay! Pinch, coil and slab are the methods that we will learn and use to create most of the work in class. Decoration techniques that we will use include glazing, acrylic paint, incising, molding and more. 6.  The grading system for this class is based on rubrics 0-4 and system is based upon the school’s required grading system.

     Each project, test or assignment is worth a certain number of points. Each project will be assessed using a rubric or evaluation sheet. These sheets will be returned to you after the project is assessed and they should be kept in your art portfolio.

     Any assignment or project that is not turned in will receive a zero for a grade.

The Term Exams is made up of two parts. The first part is written and the information is taken from all tests and quizzes that were given during the term. This is why it is important to save any quizzes and tests that are returned in your binder.

The second part of the Term Exam is the Practical or “hands-on” portion. You will be given a limited amount of time to make a particular item according to specific directions. This part of the exam will test skills and understanding of techniques taught during the term.

 Pottery Rules: Use class time efficiently. Respect: materials, tools, classmates, teacher. Participate in classroom maintenance.

  •  Be here. Attendance is very important.

Facebook art page:

Art with Mrs. B @cclionsart

  • The class fee is $10 for supplies for the school year and is due by the end of  August.

    Our class text book Art In Focus will be used in class daily.

  • Art 2 and Pottery classes have a $20 art fee and will have separate text book.

 Class assignments:
Studio projects, Daily class participation, Collaborative projects
Student expectations in the art room: R.O.A.R.

Lions Art Club

My name is Caroline Bartlett. I am known as "Mrs. B" to my students. I am a wife, mother, artist and art teacher. Teaching art has been the passion of my life. Like the artist, Pablo Picasso, I believe that anyone can be an artist. I am in my 17th year of teaching Art. I have a degree in Fine Art/Art Education and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I taught Visual Art at Metro Nashville Public schools for 13 years (5th-8th) and (K-4th). I then taught at two wonderful schools, WSS and Auburn (PreK-8th) for 3 years before teaching at CCHS. In my fine arts classes at CCHS, I enjoy working with my artistically inclined students in reaching their individual creative goals. In my Art classes, I teach the fundamentals of drawing, painting and sculpture skills but also art history and highlight important artworks into my lessons. I am proud to sponsor the Lions Art Club at CCHS. We are excited about future projects as a group. My husband Danny and son Charlie are the joys of my life. I make my own art when I can and we love to travel and visit local art museums and music festivals. We are members of St. Mark's UMC and we live near the Kittrell community and have a mini farm that keeps us busy!