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Graduation Requirements


4 credits


4 credits


3 credits

Social Studies

3 credits

Wellness & Physical Education*

1.5 credits

Personal Finance

0.5 credits

Computer Applications**

1 credits

Fine Art

1 credit

Foreign Language (2 years of same Language)***

2 credits

Program Study/Elective Focus (listed on back)

4 credits



Required Credits

22/24 credits

Additional Electives Possible

3/4 credits

Total Credits Possible

27/28 credits

*Students who complete a season of a sport or marching band are exempt from the additional ½ credit in Physical Education. Please note that one full year of conditioning or weight training receives ½ credit.

**Students who achieved keyboarding competency in the eighth grade must select an additional 1 credit elective.

***Please see guidance for more information.

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