Second Grade Information

School Year 2016- 2017



Welcome to Second Grade. Here are some important details to help you understand our second grade year.


Religion- A very important part of Second Grade are the two Sacraments that we celebrate.   We have planned a special night for you to come and listen to Father Chris speak about Reconciliation.  The meeting will be September 22 at 7:00 p.m. in Our Lady of Lourdes Church.   All of your questions about Reconciliation will be answered that evening.  Please note that if you are a member of Newman Center or Sacred Heart, you can attend the meeting at your parish.


Reconciliation Centers are planned for the second graders at a later date.  You will be informed in our Week in a Peek of the date.


Later in the year you will receive information about First Communion.  We will begin preparing for First Communion after Christmas break.


 I ask that you will sit down with your child each time he or she brings home the religion book, and look over the chapter or chapters with your child. When finished, please sign the family review page in the religion book so that I will know it has been covered. 


Reading- Reading instruction consists of reading, word work, writing, and language.  We use the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill  Reading Instruction series.  The anthology reader and the leveled readers are collections of outstanding, authentic literature.  The selections are grouped into themes- groups of selections that share a common subject or idea.  We will use the selections to build comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics skills while developing fluency.

  In word work we will work on spelling and vocabulary.  Weekly spelling words will be composed of high frequency words and story words.  They are also from our phonics lessons.  We will have a practice spelling test on Thursday and the final spelling test on Friday.  Vocabulary activities will relate directly to our spelling words and story words each week.

  For Writing and Language we will be working on grammar, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  In grammar we will be discussing sentences, sentence structure, sentence punctuation, nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives.  In writing we will be working on journal entries, stories, messages, invitations, informational paragraphs, poetry, friendly letters, thank you notes, instructions, and creative writing.  We will also work on penmanship.  


Math- Another major area of study is math.  Our math series is Sadlier-Oxford.  Lessons include whole-group instruction as well as small group, partner, or individual activities.  We will use numerous methods for basic skills practice and review.  Throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking, in their own words.  It is very important that your child masters all basic addition and subtraction facts.  This will help your child to excel in the skills that are covered in our mathematics program.   


Social Studies and Science- Our social studies text is Scott Foresman.  Our social studies program includes community life, goods, services,  history, ancestors, famous people, voting, holidays, maps, globes, geography, economics, cultures, Christmas Around the World(customs of other countries), and current events.        

  Our science text is Scott Foresman.  Our science program includes health, life, earth, and physical science areas of studies.  More specifically, we learn about butterflies, insects, spiders, mammals, bats, penguins, weather, fire safety, bike safety, water safety, mental health (feelings, types of families, friendship, and social communities), and nutrition. 

In addition to our text books and additional sources, we subscribe to National Geographic and Scholastic News at the second grade level.     


Discipline- Our school uses a school wide positive discipline program.  The name of our program is CLASS. It is my hope that each child will learn the value of appropriate behavior and good manners and instill them in every aspect of life.  In addition, our classroom expectations are posted.  I use a lot of praise for good behavior and from time to time I will surprise the children with an extra recess, sticker, or special day for good behavior.  If your child breaks a rule, he/she will lose recess time, or if it’s a little more severe, the student will lose recess time and have to fill out a “Think Sheet.”  The sheet will need to be brought home to be signed.   In addition, each Friday your child will bring home a Friday Folder.  In the folder will be a certificate for good behavior unless your child brought home a “Think Sheet” earlier in the week.  This certificate will keep you updated on your child’s progress at school.  


Homework –Your child will have homework Monday-Thursday that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Homework is expected to be returned the next morning.  Please send me a note if for some reason it could not be completed.  You will receive the homework schedule each week in the Friday Folder.   


Birthdays- We celebrate birthdays in the afternoon.  Your child will receive a Birthday Blessing, and we will have a little bit of "free time" in honor of the birthday child.  We have many food allergies and health concerns in our class this year.  I ask if you plan to send a birthday treat that you will limit it to an apple or sandwich size baggie of popcorn. (The popcorn cannot be microwave popcorn due to allergy concerns of where it is processed.  Also, peanut oil may not be used.)  Please send the treat with your child in the morning.  Thank you for your help in keeping our students healthy!  

If you have any questions about our school work or your child, please feel free to send a note or email.




Janet Hagan



2Hagan-Special Class Schedule



P.E. 9:30- 10:00

Music  2:30-3:00



Counselor 9:40- 10:20

Computers 1:30-2:15



Library  12:00- 12:40



Art 1:00-2:00


P.E. 12:30-1:00

Music  2:30- 3:00