What is Time Together?

Time Together is a community based education program designed to assist parents in providing an educationally enriched home where children can be prepared to succeed in the educational process.

"Children’s first and most influential teachers are their parents/family. They play an important foundational role in the child’s learning and achievement. When parents, educators, and caregivers work together in the education and well-being of a child, a partnership is formed that will influence the best possible learning outcomes for the learner" (Utah's Early Childhood Standards, p. 4).

How does Time Together work?

Time Together provides workshops for parents of children ages 0-5 to instruct them in ways to provide effective learning at home. Workshops are presented by White Pine Elementary Kindergarten staff. Workshop participants receive instruction on a variety of topics including reading and writing readiness, building vocabulary, math readiness, listening and self reliant skills.Take home materials are provided along with instruction on how to use the materials at home.