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Mountain Crest High School - Business Education

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BUSINESS CLUBS:  Bringing Business into the Classroom and taking the Classroom into the Business Community.
If you have an interest in a specific career, or just have no idea what you'll do after High School, being part of the Business Clubs will provide experience and opportunity to become "Career and College" ready! 
You don't have to JOIN the Business Clubs to be involved in the activities.  If you are interested in competing in Business related competitions, you are required to be a member.  Enter your information on the link below to be notified of the various activities happening, and come GET INVOLVED!!!
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 David G. Smith, MBA
Room 217
School:  (435) 245-6093 x5322
Google Voice / Text:  435-612-0347

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2nd Trimester Classes
Period 1 - Sports & Entertainment Marketing
FLEX - Business Leadership Skills / DECA / FBLA
Period 2 - USU BUSN1021
Period 3 - Not Contracted
Period 4 - Not Contracted
Period 5 - Critical Workplace Skills

"People don't buy what you have!  
  They buy "Why!"   
~Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action (VIDEO)
Student Surveys:  About Me!  How I learn!

Disney's Tarzan - "SON of MAN"  
Power to be Strong, Wisdom to be wise!
You who climbs the mountain, it's you who reaches the peak!

David G. Smith - Influences (Culture Bag

President Obama's State of the Union Address:  (Click Here)        Governor Nikki Haley - Republican Response (Watch)
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Teaching Styles
"Anyone, Anyone"  

Michael Bingham
"Art Unlocks Abilities"

The Skill of Self Confidence 
Dr. Ivan Joseph

Inside the Mind of a MASTER Procrastinator.
Tim Urban
 Dead Poets Society
 "Prichart Scale"

"What will your Verse Be?"

"A Different Way"

UVU Business Lecture Series:  Val Christensen, CEO - Energy Solutions
Video #1
Video #2

Body Language Shapes Who You Are | Amy Cuddy |

 "People Don't Buy "WHAT" you have!  They Buy "WHY" You Have it!! 
 Simon Sinek:  Start with Why (Video)
 Simon Sinek:  First "Why" then "Trust"  (Video)
 Simon Sinek:  Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe  (Video)
 Does Color of Food Affect Taste? (ABC Video)

 What is a Brand?  (Video)
 What is Branding? (Video)
 BRANDING:  What is Branding (YouTube)
 Morgan Spurlock:  The Greatest TED Talk ever sold  (Video)

Red Bull - The Art of Flight Promo (Video)
Red Bull Website and Full Movie  (The Art of Flight)

CMH Heli-Skiing - Take Flight™  (YouTube)

Customer Service:

Shep Hyken Amazing Customer Service Taxi Cab Story by Customer Service Speaker  (YouTube)


 The Story of My Life:  One Direction
"Let it Go": Disney Animation Studios 
 "Glorious" David Archuleta
"You Are Loved" Josh Groban
  People are Awesome:
      We could be Heros (Video)

     Football / Soccer Edition (Video)

     2015 - Official Video  (Video)

     2015 - Sports Edition  (Video)

March 26, 2014:  
My 80yr old Father, hit by a driver NOT paying attention.   He's okay...Here's the stories.
Fox 13 News (Video)       Fox 13 News (Followup Video)
KSL News (5pm) (6pm)     Peter Seymour (Article)   (Radio1)  (Radio2)         ABC 4 Utah (Video)
KSL (Article)    Fox13now (Article)    ABC4 (Article)   Provo Daily Herald (Article)


EDU2840_Literacy Strategies - Constructing Meaning
Objective, Goals Strategies (PowerPoint)
How to differentiate Objectives, Goals, Strategies (Article)
Mission Statement: Small Business Encyclopedia (PDF)
Smart Goals - Mapping (PDF)
Objectives, Goals, Strategies Worksheet (DOC)
Construct Meaning - OGST Survey (SURVEY)   (Results)
Strategic Management Framework (Map)
SMART Goals: (Picture)