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Step 2 -- PrestoPay for Shop with Scrip

Setting up your PrestoPay account

4)   Click on “Dashboard” at the top.

5)   Click on “Family Functions” then “PrestoPay” on the left hand-side menu bar.

6) Click on the first green box “prestopay→ Family Registration”

to watch a video instruction registration and information guide.

7) Click on “YES AND I AGREE.”

8) Please enter your bank and account information as instructed.

9) Click on “NEXT” or “SAVE”

10) Read the instruction under the heading

“Your account information has been saved!”

11) Log back into once the two small amounts have been

deposited into your bank account and click on “Dashboard” then

“Family Functions” then “PrestoPay.”

12)   Enter the amounts deposited into your bank account.

This will generate a four digit approval code.

13) Forward this approval code to SVHS Scrip Coordinator:  

Wendee Radmall at

14) Your PrestoPay account will be active once the coordinator activates it with

this four digit approval code. You can begin shopping for any of the gift cards.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Wendee Radmall, Scrip Coordinator for Sky View