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Step 3 -- Ordering with Shop With Scrip

1) Place your Scrip orders 24/7 on website

or  There are three ordering methods.

2)   Pay for your order using PrestoPay payment method.

This is the only way we will be accepting payment for Scrip Cards.  

3)    Scrip Now! is an electronic gift card where no physical gift card is involved.

These are available within minutes of your purchase. You can literally order the gift card while you are shopping and pay for your merchandise at the checkout stand with your smart phone.

4) Physical PLASTIC Gift Cards is another ordering option.  

We need to consolidate all orders to save on shipping costs so when we get a few orders together, we will process it.  We will send out an email through Charms (the Band’s email system) to let you know an order is being put together as soon as we receive an order so you can have the opportunity to be included in the order.

5) Orders take one week to receive once the order is processed.  

You will be notified when the order is processed and when you can pick up your order from the financial office at SVHS.  You will need to sign for your cards as this is like cash.  You can authorize your student to pick them up for you by sending a note which can be kept on file.

6) The third ordering option is Plastic Gift Card RELOAD.  

You just register your physical plastic gift card then enter the amount you want to reload.  You will have access to the amount almost instantly.

If you make an error in your order, notify the Coordinator as soon as possible for a possible resolution.