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The International Baccalaureate Program


 King-Murphy is an accredited International Baccalaureate School. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) focuses the total growth of the whole child.  Structured inquiry is the leading vehicle for learning in the PYP. Inquiry is the process (initiated by the learner or the teacher), which moves the learner from his or her current level of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding.  This can involve:

  • Exploring, wondering, and questioning.
  • Experimenting and discussing possibilities.
  • Researching and seeking information.
  • Collecting data and reporting findings.
  • Clarifying and refining existing ideas.
  • Deepening understanding through the application of a concept or rule.
  • Making and testing theories.
  • Making predictions and confirming or changing them based on new information.
  • Elaborating on solutions to problems.

Six transdisciplinary themes provide the framework for exploration of knowledge. The Kindergarten units follow:

            Theme: Who We Are

             Unit Title: Keeping Peace

                Central Idea: Peaceful interactions can be achieved by recognizing others’ similarities                       and differences.                                                                  

                Lines of Inquiry:                                                                           

  • Physical Characteristics.
  • How conflicts are peacefully solved.
  • How different opinions can both be right.
  • Personal responsibility in conflict.
  • Personality traits (what makes a person special).

           Theme: Where We Are in Time and Place

              Unit Title: Where in the World?

              Central Idea: Our lifestyles are determined by our location on the globe.                 

              Lines of Inquiry:

  • The connection between resources that are available and placement on the globe     to homes and food.
  • The interconnectedness between climate and place on the globe.
  • Clothing and transportation are influenced by environment. 

Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Unit Title: Tell Me a Story

Central Idea: Authors write stories to inform, provoke, and entertain.

Lines of Inquiry:

  •        Purposes of stories.
  •        Ways stories are created and shared. 
  •        Types of stories.
  •        Feeling and emotions that stories evoke.

Theme: How the World Works

Unit Title: Living Things

Central Idea: Living things have life cycles.                                         

Lines of Inquiry:                                                                            

  •  Common characteristics of living things.
  •  Types of life cycles.
  •   Consequences of food chain interruption.
  •   Needs of living things.                                                          

             Theme: How We Organize Ourselves

                 Unit Title: What is Fair?

                Central Idea: People have created systems to ensure fairness.                                       

                Lines of Inquiry:                                                                           

  • Equal and fair are not the same.
  • Laws and rules that help ensure fairness.
  • Unfair things that could be changed.
  • Why it is important to treat people fairly.

    Theme: Sharing the Planet

     Unit Title: Taking Care of the World Forests

     Central Idea: The forests in the world are critical to our planet’s survival. 

      Lines of Inquiry:                                                                

  • The interconnectedness of humans and forests.
  •  Similarities and differences between forests around the world. 
  •  Types of trees and their contribution to our world.