CCSD Policy Revision

July, 2017                    Sections A through L

**Comments Due By July 3, 2017

October, 2015                Section A (Foundations and Basic Commitments)

                            Section B  (School Board Governance and Operations) 

                             Section C (General School Administration)

**Comments Due By October 9, 2015


November, 2015            Section D  (Fiscal Management)

                             Section E  (Support Services)

                             Section F  (Facilities Planning and Development)

**Comments Due By November 6, 2015


December, 2015             Section G (Personnel)

**Comments Due By December 13, 2015

 January, 2016                Section G Addendum (Personnel)

 **Comments Due By January 19, 2016

February, 2016                Section G Addendum #2 (Personnel)

 **Comments Due By February 8, 2016

February, 2016              Section I  (Instruction)

 **Comments Due By February 8, 2016


March, 2016                   Section J (JA-JHs only)  (Students)

 **Comments Due By March 8, 2016


April, 2016                     Section J (JI- JKs only)  (Students)

  **Comments Due By April 12, 2016 - this policy won't be reviewed by the CCBOE until the May Meeting

July, 2016                     Section J (JL-JSs only)  (Students)

 **Comments for Due By July 20, 2016

 June, 2016                      Section K (School –Community – Home Relations

 **Comments for Due By June 8, 2016

                                  Section L (Education Agency Relations)