Clear Creek Middle School Sports

Clear Creek Student-Athlete Core Covenants


-          Shown by turning in all assignments complete and on time.

-          Shown by never giving up in a game.

-          Shown by wanting to help your community


-          Shown by following the CCHS athletic contract.

-          Shown by committing to your team and your role on the team.

-          Shown by keeping your word and following your values, especially in times of adversity.


-          Achieved by putting your actions in line with your goals.

-          Achieved by writing your goals down.

-          Have goals for the classroom, physical and or mental wellbeing, individual performance, team, family, and community.


-          Your best grades possible will be achieved by:

-           Having a work ethic and good study habits, using all available resources (teacher, peers, & med center), coming to class prepared, taking notes, using your planner, taking initiative to solve problems early on, and asking questions.


-          Aspire for “Excellence in everything.”

-          Have an attitude that can be a positive influence on classmates, teammates, family, and community members.


-          Earned by respecting other individual’s and your own potential.

-          Earned by working hard and doing things to the best of your ability, even if they are hard to do.


-          Shown by having an eagerness to learn in the classroom.

-          Shown by having a contagious passion for your activity.

-          Shown by supporting other athletes and students in their activities.

-          Shown by having pride in being a Golddigger in all endeavors.