Welcome to the Clinton Community School District's Talented and Gifted home page. The purpose of this page is to inform students and families about resources and opportunities available for high achieving students, and to share all of the amazing things the students accomplish.

The Clinton Community School District Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) provides highly motivated, academically gifted students with an opportunity to realize and develop their exceptional intellectual and creative abilities. The TAG Program expands on the district curriculum while emphasizing higher-order thinking, deep knowledge, substantive conversations and making connections to the world beyond the classroom. Weekly, TAG students in grades K - 8 engage in project based learning experiences designed to promote knowledge and skill development through extended investigation, complex questioning, and engaging challenges.  The district also provides students in grades 9 - 12 with amazing opportunities such as advanced placement, honor level courses, concurrent classes, and duel enrollment.

Photo Taken at the 2017 ITAG 45th Annual Conference
                                                                                    Pictured from left: Will Wiesner, Tara Rhoades, Nancy Stuedemann, Megan Anderson