Campbell County School District’s 1:1 Classroom Initiative

 TEConnect is a two year initiative, embracing the potential of technology to transform teaching and learning in Campbell County School District. 

 TEConnect Educators are part of a consortium that is transforming classrooms by engaging students in meaningful outcome-based lessons that not only demonstrate mastery of Common Core standards but also show mastery of ISTE standards.

 The success of the 1:1 initiative will best be accomplished by providing:

  • Classrooms the opportunity to increase their access to technology tools for each of their students.
  • Professional development that focuses on the pedagogy required for the effective use of technology in the classroom, along with support for device implementation.
  • A building of a professional learning network amongst CCSD educators. 


Be on the look out for information for TEConnect 2018 Applications. 

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TEConnect Educator Testimonials

Megan Diede
Prairie Wind Elementary

The students I have now, most have had a one to one classroom iPads from 1st grade. The amount of knowledge they have already came with and what they achieved in the 1st quarter of 2nd grade was amazing. 
  Alexis Hedrick
Thunder Basin High School

Being a TEConnect Educator provides the opportunities to incorporate technology into student learning and achievement in an increasingly technologically driven world. I am thankful to be a part of the TEConnect initiative and to provide my students with valuable, authentic and engaging technology opportunities. 
  Frisbee Roberts
Meadowlark Elementary School

My kindergarten students really enjoy working with the iPads! I am amazed with the projects they have produced using the iPads. When it comes to writing, many of my students work harder when they are using the iPads instead of just paper and a pencil. They have learned how to manipulate text size, font, color, and location on the page. They have also learned how to take pictures and put them in their projects, as well as bringing pictures in from the Internet. They are able to record their voices and add them to their projects as well. They learned all of this while learning how to be good listeners, line up properly, use school supplies, read, write, recognize numbers and other math skills, and all the other skills that kindergartners must learn in their first year of being in school.

Kara Loden Rawhide Elementary School My students are far more engaged and excited. The deeper level learning they can do with this type of project in so rewarding for them and fun for me to see!   Liisaan Cooper Campbell County High School Through the use of technology, my students are engaged in their learning and are able to apply that knowledge and create projects beyond the traditional assignments.
  Nicole Hewitt-Gaffney
Wagonwheel Elementary School

Technology has transformed my classroom. It is amazing to see what students can do with technology and how their creative side comes out. All students can have a voice.
Abie Worthington
Prairie Wind Elementary School

Having the students create this engaging project, not only helps them learn about Matter and how physical change works. Students are able to learn, while doing something they love! 
  Kayla Hutchison
Rozet Elementary School

My students absolutely loved using Chatterpix and bringing their turkey's to life. My favorite part was how much of the students personalities and voice you can hear in the videos.  
  John Bayles Campbell County High School I had a fantastic experience in the TEConnect program. The availability of technology and the paired training has been beneficial to my classroom at in gross and subtle ways. Having access full time to technology and internet access was a great boon. I did not have to work around the availability of labs and I could spontaneously make use of the technology to have the class react to relevant happenings in the world. It also allowed me to make full use of Google classroom to organize assignments and to provide a stable, easy to access conduit of communication between myself and the students. I also learned a lot from the training and the exposure to different apps and methods to use them. I really enjoyed seeing what other teachers at different levels were using the technology for. Not just for concrete technological information but it also helped me get outside of my own head and see different ways to design and implement instructional tactics. I have already begun to introduce some of those techniques and strategies into my own classroom which will help me to keep it a vibrant, and efficient place to learn for my students.  
Clint Miller
Westwood High School

The TEConnect program has taken student learning and engagement in my classroom to the next level. Integrating iPads has helped many of my students have a better appreciation for the accomplishments and struggles previous generations of Americans encountered.
  Jaime Basham
Campbell County High School

For our AP students, getting comfortable with the technology will ease the test anxiety. We are easily able to do this with simulated situations that having the iPads allow us to access.   
  Twila Hughes
Cottonwood Elementary School

One fun project I tried this year was have my students work together with students from Colorado. Their teacher was a former TEConnect Educator. We used Google Docs to do reports on continents. The students got to experience the true collaborative aspect of Google Docs, working at the same time on a project yet being 300 miles apart. They got to communicate through messages and we did a FaceTime call so they would get to see each other. They loved it. 
Cindi Hood
Hillcrest Elementary School

Having technology has made the difference in motivation and in presentation with the students I work with. They want to write and create, they want to show me what they know and are excited to do that. I am still very overwhelmed by what is all out there. I love conferring with my colleagues about different apps and different projects they have completed. It is also so motivating for me.  
  Anita Tope
Rozet Elementary School

Students enjoy prewriting when using technology to capture their ideas.
  Blythe Stanley
Hillcrest Elementary School

I am constantly amazed at how advanced the products are my students create when they are given access to technology. It completely changes how they view their content and the assignments themselves. Their knowledge goes from basic to advanced because they are finding information from so many sources and media types, plus they present it all in a way they allows them to become teachers. It's amazing!
Jaime Basham
Campbell County High School

Being a TEConnect educator enables my students to be creative and learn about technology through Spanish. It is incredible to see their creativity come alive when given the opportunity.
  Chelsea Posten
Lakeview Elementary School

Students take so much pride in their work when they know others will potentially see it, especially people outside the class. They are engaged and are doing amazing things! 
  Alice King
Campbell County High School
Using the camera on the iPads they filmed and then used iMovie to edit, do voice overs, etc. They received many compliments on the video and they had so much fun. The cool aspect is the speed in which they created the project as we had limited time during our advocacy period. I love how they jumped right in and grabbed the iPads and went to work.
Kayla Newman
Recluse Elementary School
My students enjoy the projects that are associated with the skills we are learning. Our iPads have made the project options endless.
  Joy Fox
Wagonwheel Elementary School

Technology integration through 1-1 iPads has given my students many opportunities to go deeper with their learning across all content areas. It is wonderful being able to help them use their iPads to produce artifacts that they are excited about, proud of, and eager to share with their families!
  Bailey Mumm
Hillcrest Elementary School

Book Writer App was an excellent tool for my students. They loved how easy the app was to use. They could use text, pictures, and even drawing in the app to show their labels on their diagrams. We have always done our nonfiction text features books on paper but this year they loved to be able to show their learning on this app as well as see their classmates' work all in one area. I created QR codes for each student and we went around and looked at each project and were able to give each other feedback. I also hung the QR codes in the hall for parents to see during conferences. Parents were so impressed that their second grader did the book COMPLETELY on their own. The only help they received was during their research of their community helper.
Alyx Bruce
Wright Junior/Senior High School

Integrating technology is one of the biggest and best changes I have done to my classroom. By incorporating technology, my students perform in ways I would have never imagined. They are not only excited about using the various programs but willing to take on writing and reading with little effort. The use of technology is empowering my students to learn in collaboration with others, which is building social and life skills that are vital for building self to world relationships.
  Beth Faubion Thunder Basin High School Technology has provided access to world wide travel for my students. Many of my students have not had opportunities to travel outside of Wyoming, much less an opportunity to travel abroad. Technology allows my students to experience the world without ever leaving the classroom. This is an invaluable tool to add daily real-life application to the study of a world language. I am amazed everyday by what students are learning and what they are teaching each other and ME using this gift of technology!
  Ruth Cloud
Sage Valle
y Junior High
My students enjoyed using the iPads for various projects as well as different apps that helped reinforce concepts taught in class. 

Bailey Mumm
Hillcrest Elementary School

Students created their Shadow Puppet videos completely by themselves! I am so proud of how they turned out and how students were able to learn about other's landforms. Students also couldn't wait to write their papers and turn them into a video! I have never had students so excited about writing! 
  Trish Kuberra
Campbell County High School

Often the technology integration is not about the finished product, but instead, the effort involved in its development.  
  Brandy Brakke
Wagonwheel Elementary School

I am amazed at how quickly students are able to learn using Technology tools. It opens so many doors for students to create and present information. Students build confidence by teaching others using technology and enhance creativity in their presentation styles.  
Angela McKenney
Rozet Elementary School

My students can't wait to jump in and create new projects. They love to show what they have learned through use of technology.
  Sarah Glasser
Wright Junior/Senior High School

 It is so handy to have the Google suite to instantly save to the cloud, to share and have students peer edit, to have access anywhere and a portfolio of student work they can keep forever and show growth through the language levels.
  Jacque Kampfe-DeLancey
Sage Valley Junior High

My students enjoy technology projects that display their learning objectives. 
Samantha Johnson
Conestoga Elementary School

Using Explain Everything was a fun way to assess students' knowledge of our Notice and Note signposts. 
  Mary Williams
Hillcrest Elementary School

With the push towards full inclusion, technology is helping to bridge the gap between skill levels and classroom standards.
  Sadie Wilson
Conestoga Elementary School

Having the iPads in my classroom has allowed my students to step up and become teachers to their classmates. I downloaded an app onto my students' iPads and before I had the chance to learn how everything worked, I had a student investigate for me. They were then able to become the teacher and expert with that app. If students had questions about how the app worked they had someone else to ask besides me.
Vicki Neph
Rozet Elementary School

One of my student struggles significantly with writing and pretty much refused to write at all at the beginning of the school year. However, since teaching him the speech-to-text tools and showing him the Book Creator app so he can add illustrations and pictures, he now comes into school every morning, gets his iPad, and is excited to work on his latest story or book. He is always asking for help with editing his books so that he can print them and display them in the library for other students to read.
  Kacee Hardy Twin Spruce Junior High
Bringing the iPads into my classroom has been quite an adventure this school year. I have learned a lot about my technology abilities and about the abilities of my students. I feel very prepared and excited for next school year because I continue to find wonderful apps and websites that I can incorporate into my teaching. I am so thankful for the opportunity to receive the iPads for my students because it has given them bright and open doors to their education.  
  Shawna Cates
Paintbrush Elementary School

Engagement level for a TEConnect classroom is amazing! It also has allowed me to use a flipped classroom approach to teaching. This has been especially helpful when making sub plans or catching a student up who has been absent.