This site was created to support the implementation of iPod Touches in the elementary classroom. Click here for a video tour of the site! It includes the following:
  • Websites that collect applications (Apps) - there are hundreds of thousands of apps right now, so we'll let other people create the lists!
  • Research - empirical research as well as white papers from experts supporting the use of handheld technology
  • Community Resources - connect with other educators using iPod Touches in the classroom. Access discussions, blog posts, and professional networks of teachers who are experienced with this tool
  • Audio Books - where to find audio books that can be downloaded from the internet and loaded on the iPod. Also find a tutorial on how to create your own audio books using Garage Band 
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Tips and Tricks

  • Apple Volume License
    Previous to August 2010, Apple had no efficient way for schools to pay for the license for applications used on mobile devices. The Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of the same app at once.

    To obtain applications for our district's mobile devices, there is a protocol that we need to follow:
    • Teachers evaluate applications either by purchasing one copy for a teacher device or based on reviews from sites found on Community Resources.
    • Teachers locate the application on the volume license store to see if the app developer has made the app available for the volume license program.
    • The number of licenses must be within the teacher's budget for purchase. If the teacher wants to buy an app, she must confirm that she has a voucher available for that amount.
    • The "Program Facilitator" can be either the teacher or the Instructional Technology Coordinator - but that individual redeems the voucher and provides the codes for downloading the applications and syncing them to the devices.
    It's a confusing process, and since it's new, our district has never used the Volume Purchase Program. We are in "transition" and may need to tweek the process as we go. Find out more about the Volume Purchase Program here. Also from the Apple website. Hopefully the frequently asked questions will also help clarify this program for you as well.

    Posted Dec 12, 2011, 12:18 PM by Nadine Norris
  • Automatic Full Sync
    When you plug in the USB cord for a drawer full of iPods, you want the entire drawer to sync without having to click on each individual iPod. The first time Sync is set up, click on the iPod in the list, one tab at a time, click Sync (whatever), and then click Apply. Do this for all tabs, even if there is no content in the iTunes library - because some day there might be.
    Next time you hook up the drawer full of iPods with the USB cord to the computer, the sync will happen automatically, for all content.
    Posted Nov 18, 2009, 10:46 AM by Nadine Norris
  • Arrange Music Icons
    When we downloaded an audio book for the students to listen to, we discovered that it was a little hard to find. In order to make it easier, the Music App can be configured in such a way that there can be an audio book icon in an easy-to-find screen position. From Music, press on the little dots marked "more", then "Edit" at the top. This picture you'll see the edit view for the individual audio file icons. NOTE: This is a screen shot of an older version operating system. Your iPod may not look exactly like this, but you'll get the idea. 
    Now, the children can see the Audiobook icon on the bottom of the screen as soon as they press Music.
    Posted Nov 18, 2009, 10:26 AM by Nadine Norris
  • Sync Safari Bookmarks
    When students are going to go to the Internet using the iPod Touches, you can set up bookmarks for the sites they will visit. First, carefully set up bookmarks on Safari on the host computer. Only include the sites that students will visit. Follow the instructions below to sync the bookmarks. Remember that this process can be repeated any number of times based on the activities your students will do during a given period of time.

    1. Open iTunes and connect the iPod Touch set
    2. Select the iPod Touch in iTunes
    3. Select the info Tab
    4. Scroll Down to Web Browser and check the box next to Sync Safari Bookmarks
    5. Click Sync and check your iPhone/iPod Touch for the updated Bookmark list
    NOTE: Don't send your students to interactive websites that require Flash technology. Flash won't work on the Touches.

    Tip: Set the home page of Safari to be a Google doc that has been published as a website. This might be a great way to easily edit the "bookmarks" that students will visit as they will get a real time, updated version of the page. Any updates to the required websites can be done to the Google doc, therefore eliminating the need to update the bookmark sync every time you want the students to change their selection of websites. Google forms might be a great way to create a quiz! You can create a link to the live form to this "home page" that is created in Google docs.
    Posted Nov 10, 2009, 7:35 AM by Nadine Norris
  • Create a Shortcut
    If you want an instant shortcut to a website, your Google Calendar, or a Google form, press on the "+" sign on the browser. Press the Add to Home Screen. You'll get an icon on the page as a short cut to that site.
    Posted Aug 7, 2011, 6:06 PM by Nadine Norris
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