December 9th, 2016

Algebra I (Mrs. Hummel):
Mon:p. 17,19-27,28-46,47-50,54-56
Tues:p. 23 14-70 even
Wed: wks 1-3
Thurs:wks 1-4

8th Math (Mrs. Hummel):
Mon:Wks 1-2A/problem solving
Tues:wks 1-2B/1-1 puzzle
Wed:p. 12 1-4,9, 10-30even,41-48
Thurs:p. 16 8-10,12,15,16,18-20,23-26,32,34-38
Fri:wks 1-3

Reading Pigott 

LESSON PLANS DEC. 5-DEC. 9 MONDAY -review main idea notes -unstated main idea notes -model finding main idea in non fiction article -students begin finding main idea TUESDAY -review unstated main idea notes -review and guide main idea articles -partner practice - non fiction WEDNESDAY -review answers for main idea parters practice THURSDAY -assignment -3 non fiction articles FRIDAY -turn in assignment -book logs -book talks -free read

English: (Mrs. Pigott) 
LESSON PLANS DEC. 5-DEC. 9 MONDAY -get vocabulary words for "The Ransom of Red Chief" -partner read "The Ransom of Red Chief" TUESDAY -review vocabulary -close read "The Ransom of Red Chief" WEDNESDAY -review point of view -point of view assignment THURSDAY -begin notes for writing piece -rubric FRIDAY -independent writing time

History (Koch)
Read p. 60-68  do 1-4 p. 63   1-3 p. 68  Due  11/22
Read p. 69-77  Do 1-4 p. 72   1-4 p. 77  Due 11/29

Science (Mrs. Creel):    Test over Ch 6 before Christmas!

Monday: We continued properties of matter and chemistry with a study on mixtures and will work through acids and bases. The class read ch 6, lesson 1 of Intro to Chemistry booklets
Tuesday: The class discussed lesson 1 covering solutions, colloids, suspensions, etc.  Notes are posted on google classroom!
Wednesday: Lesson 1 review worksheet, start reading lesson 2 in class- no assignment!
Thursday: Lab over Mixtures & Solutions
Friday: Lab groups planned and wrote out a material list and a procedure to answer the following question: When a solute dissolves in a solvent, what happens to the mass?  to the volume?  We discussed possible solutions in a big group and will do the lab on Monday, Assignment: Read Lesson 2 of Introduction to Chemistry booklet- do review worksheet for Monday

Human Body Systems (Mrs. Creel): Respiratory System Test- Wednesday-12/14!  Blood Typing: Monday-12/12!

MONDAY: Anatomy Arcade Day
TUESDAY: Class discussion over 60 Minutes video on Alzheimer's Disease
WEDNESDAY: Previewed disease presentations not seen yet
THURSDAY: Study for the Respiratory System Test
FRIDAY:  Bill Nye Circulation- linked to google , study for test

8th Math (Timmerman)
Monday: Review for quiz
Tuesday: Quiz