May 26, 2016

Algebra I (Timmerman)
Monday: 8-5: p. 582 #1-13
Tuesday: 8-6: p. 589 #2-36 even
Wednesday: Review for Ch. 8 Test
Thursday: Ch. 8 Test
Friday: Semester Test Review
Monday: Semester Test
Tuesday: Semester Test

8th Math (Mrs. Hummel):
Mon:Add like terms wks
Tues:p. 602 1-25
Wed:p. 620 5-20
Thurs:Test ch 11; hand in books
Fri:last day

Reading Pigott 

-final literature circle for The Giver
-finish reading  
-Final test tomorrow 

English: (Mrs. Pigott) 
-research paper due today 

History (Koch)
Read p. 465-480
Do 1-5 p. 471
Do 1-4 p. 480
Read p.481-487
Do  1-4  p. 487
Test Tuesday

Science (Mrs. Creel): Link to creelspace    

Monday: Acid/Base Test

Tuesday: turn in booklets, composition notebooks, etc

Wednesday:  Lab

Thursday:  Lab

Friday: Egg Drop Challenge

Link to your textbook above-
Monday: Drugs and their negative aspects.
Tuesday: Final presentations and Drug awareness.
Wednesday: Finish presentations and fill out partner evaluations.
Thursday:  Fun day team Kahoot
Fri - fun day to celebrate completion of project!