May 22, 2015

Algebra I (Mrs. Hummel):
p. 491 1-30,51,87,89

8th Math (Mrs. Hummel):
p. 298 1-12,14,16,23,35-37,40,42

English: (Mrs. Pigott) 
-writing assignment  - 3 paragraphs showing different moods (shared doc)
History (Koch)

Test     Read p.452-464
Do 1-4 p. 457
Do 1-4 p. 464

Math (Mrs. Knoben): 
Period 1:  went to WIT to look at solar car
All geometry assignments were handed in;  no assignment
Period 7:  finished all geometry assignments;  no assignment

Science (Mrs. Creel): Link to creelspace   

Monday: Today, we started the final Lab Assessment

Tuesday: Today, we continued the Lab Assessment

Wednesday:  Today, we finished the Lab Assessment and took the National Science Online Test

Thursday: Today, we will check chrome books and chargers in

Friday: Groups will go to WIT to see Team PrISUm's solar car during 1st period & starrbase time

Health (Mrs. Creel): 
Monday: Today, groups planned questions over the Circulatory System review for Stump the Class
Tuesday: Today, we had a class review for the Circulatory Test
Wednesday:  Today, students got time to review in small groups
Thursday: Circulatory System Test
Friday:  Today, we will go through the tests

Reading Pigott
-reread "The Tell-Tale Heart"
-Assessment on Monday

Reading Elliott
MON: Nonfiction notes
Tues: Nonfiction partner practice- None
Wed: Nonfiction HW in drive
Thurs: Aligator article- nonfiction practice
Fri: None- Begin reading October Sky

CHORUS:  Wednesday, Feb. 12 is the clinic in Sloan at Westwood Schools. Please wear nice clothes. The next event where the chorus sings is Tastes & Sounds on Monday, April 7 at WITCC. The chorus will need to be there by 6:30pm.