Date: 4/17/14

Math (Mrs. Hummel):
wks 6-1

Algebra I (Mrs. Hummel):
Wks 7-1

English: (Mrs. Pigott)
works cited - assignment
assessment Friday
History (Koch)

Read 389-393 Do 1-3 p.389
Read 395-399    Do 1-3 p. 389

Math (Mrs. Knoben): 
ICAM testing today

Science (Mrs. Creel): 

Monday: Today,  classes worked on questions for lab

Tuesday: Today, we did Lab 12.2

Wednesday: Today, we got the readings packet & started on FBI Chromatography & Ice Cream Old Days

Thursday: Today, 

Friday: Today, 

Health (Mrs. Creel): 
Monday: Today, students planned their tobacco prevention education presentations
Tuesday: Today, students planned activities for their tobacco prevention education presentations
Wednesday: Today, student groups practiced their presentations
Thursday:  Today, 
Friday: Today, 

Reading Pigott
Mood/Tone  - poem

Reading Elliott
MON: Read articles and find signal words for text structure. 
Tues: Article annotation due tomorrow.

Wednesday, Feb. 12 is the clinic in Sloan at Westwood Schools. Please wear nice clothes. The next event where the chorus sings is Tastes & Sounds on Monday, April 7 at WITCC. The chorus will need to be there by 6:30pm.