April 29, 2016

Algebra I (Timmerman)
Monday: Review for Quiz
Tuesday: Quiz over 7-6 to 7-9
Wednesday: Review for Ch. 7 Test
Thursday: Review for Ch. 7 Test
Friday: Ch. 7 Test

8th Math (Mrs. Hummel):
Mon:Quiz 1 ch 6
Tues:p. 304 1-4,6-9,11-16,32,35-37
Wed:p. 305 5,10,17-23ab,24-27,33
Thurs:wks 6-5
Fri:wks 6-6

Reading Pigott 
-MAP test Monday

English: (Mrs. Pigott) 
-notes over section 1 of research paper topics (body)
-section 1 - due Tuesday

History (Koch)
Test Ch 13    Read p. 376-386
Do 1-4 p. 381
Do 1-5 p. 386  Due Monday

Read p. 387-397
Do 1-4 p. 390
Do 1-4 p. 397   Due  Wednesday

Science (Mrs. Creel): Link to creelspace    

Monday: Today, started NOVA Making Stuff Cleaner

Tuesday: Today, finished NOVA Making Stuff Cleaner

Wednesday: Solar Cars (weather permitting) MAP Testing

Thursday:  Eco-Fest- Finish MAP Testing

Friday:  Engineering One World Trade Center, finish MAP testing for absent students

Link to your textbook above-
Monday: Should be finishing research on body system. Share research document by Wednesday. Will screen cast on Wednesday. 
Tuesday: Notebooks should be handed in and progress on researching body system. Share research document by Wed.
Wednesday: Work on research project, research first then put it into presentations. Worked on screen casting today. Research is due today!!!!!
Thursday:  Work on screen casting today.
Fri - several gone for trip, worked on presentation.