Nov.23, 2015

Algebra I (Ms. Timmerman)
Monday: 3-6: p. 208 #1-14
Thursday: 3-5: p. 199 #2-28 even

8th Math (Mrs. Hummel):
Mon: 8A&8B - Study for test ch 2;  8C Quiz; p. 113 1-35 odd; Study for test ch 2
Tues:Test Ch 2

Reading Pigott 
-review vocabulary 
-Treasure of Lemon Brown - begin partner read

English: (Mrs. Pigott) 
-quiz over simple, compound, complex, and compound complex sentences tomorrow!

History (Koch)
Do lesson 1 Ch 3  1-4
Do lesson 2 Ch 3   1-3   Due Tuesday.

Science (Mrs. Creel): Link to creelspace  WE WILL TURN IN YOUR INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY BOOKS & COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS ON MONDAY- check the Assignments page on creelspace to see what you should have in your notebooks!!!

Monday: Today, we are continuing to work on science fair- getting a topic, testable question, material list, etc- need parent signature and final approval from me when your procedure is done!!!

Tuesday: Today, we are working on science fair- getting a testable question, material list, and procedure approved - ready for parent signatures!

Wednesday:  Thanksgiving Break

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day

Friday: Thanksgiving Break

Link to your textbook above-
Monday: correct foldable and prepare for test Wed.
Tuesday: Corrected respiratory foldable. Prepare for test Thursday.
Wednesday: Test!
Thursday: Made a respiratory foldable to help to study for test. Due next class. 
Friday:  No class today due to weather.

Sketches are due Oct. 16