Welcome to Woodglen Band

Band Teacher: Mr. Watson   Contact :  LWatson@ccsd.edu  for any questions!

Woodglen Letter - Parents '19-20


Winter 5th Grade Band/Strings/Chorus Concert with Opening Act of  Glee Club:

 Dec 9th 2019 6:30pm

Spring Concert 4th and 5th Grade Band/Strings/Chorus:

March 18th  6:30pm

 Parade for Woodglen:May 27th

 Memorial Day Town Parade: May 25th

** Bandpalooza Event***
5th Grade Only!
Monday Feb 24th @ 7pm.

See attached permission slip!

Woodglen 4th & 5th Band Schedule


7:45-8:15am  5th Graders


Mixed instruments


8:15-8:45am 4th Graders ****** 

 Will be in music room

Mixed instruments



8:45-9:15- 4th Grade


4th Oboe & Clarinet


9:40-10:10- 5th Grade


5th Mixed: Clarinet & Saxophones & 1 Oboe


11:10-11:40   4th Grade *

4th Flutes: & 1 Trumpet


11:45-12:15- 4th Grade


4th Saxophone and Percussion


12:40-1:10- 5th  Grade


Opent time to makeup lessons or extra help.


                        1:55-2:25- 5th during


5th Percussion



2:25-2:55  5th during  


5th Trumpets and 1 Trombone

4th Grade Homework:

Practice :

1. Holding and setting up your  instrument. Refer to the first few pages in the book.

2. Focus on preparing your mouth to breathe and blow into your instrument.

3.Just start with making a sound using the headjoint and open tones ( without covering or pressing any buttons)

4. Tap and clap the rhythm. Sing out loud!

5. Feel Comfortable with first 6 notes, first 4 pages.

6. Play Hot Cross Buns, 

7. Au claire de la Lune

8. New *Donkey Round*


5th Grade Homework:

10 measures of Ode to Joy  and the first line of Red River Valley.

For BandPalooza:
This Old Man!