Thanks for helping out. So here's what happened. I was putting my holiday decorations back up in the attic and my idiot brother poked a candy cane through the wall. Being the no-help helper that he is, he "took a break" and poked around in the hole. Well he discover a couple of things that must have been left inside from the previous owners, or those before that. I don't know, the bags looked pretty old. Anyway, inside the bags was money - a pretty decent little stash actually. 

So he decided that since he discovered the money, he should keep it. My other brothers (I've got three) figured since they were helping, they should get a cut too. Alright, fine. So we're splitting the money. But how?

My youngest brother suggested choosing bills at random from the bags. Second youngest thought we should deal the bills out like playing cards. I didn't like either of those ideas as they were too random. I wanted to use my math mind to my advantage. So I suggested that we choose bills one at a time - draft style. I'd choose first of course and then we'd go around from there.

It was decided that we'd meet back up around winter break and have our draft. So what I need from you is two things:

1. First, how much money is there? What's the total value?
2. What should me draft order be? What bills should I take first, second, etc.?

Please give me this information, fully explained, in an easy to reference format so I can use it during the draft. Thank you!