Lighting Design

Lighting Design Skills inventory
  • Analyzing a script to determine lighting design needs:
  • Determining overall lighting needs, specials, and practicals
  • What the basic lighting instruments can do (fresnels, lekos, border or strip lights, inkys, pars)
  • How to use design with gel material to create colors and effects
  • How to design with gobos to create effects
  • How to use gobs and gels together
  • How to use lighting instruments together to create an effect
  • Creating a lighting plot
  • Using a lighting wrench (Altman wrench, or adjustable wrench)
  • How to hang instruments in position
  • How to do a rough focus
  • How to do a final focus
  • Using the lighting board
  • Patching lights into dimmers
  • Creating sub-masters
  • Creating cues ( choice of lights, dimmer levels, transitions, fade times)
  • Working with the director on achieving his/her vision
  • Working through the tech cue-to-cue with the director and stage manager to ensure proper cue creation
  • Working with the light board operator to ensure cues are executed correctly
  • Polishing up your design

Lighting Design Homework Click on this link to fill in the form and print out the Lighting Mini Lesson Below for Thursday 9/19
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