Directing Skills Inventory

  • How to pick your play
  • Analyzing a script from a director's perspective
  • Researching elements of the play to aid understanding (author's background or canon, historical context, world of the play, unusual elements, 
  • Reading the play as each character to aid understanding
  • Discovering the story of the play 
  • Discovering the structure or spine of the play
  • Discovering the themes or message of the play
  • Creating your vision based on the story, structure, and themes of the play
  • Creating a vision you can convey to others clearly
  • Determining the technical needs of the play 
  • Collaborating initially with the creative team
  • Creating a character breakdown list
  • Running auditions
  • How to make casting decisions
  • The rehearsal process
  • How to develop a rehearsal schedule and keep to it
  • Running the first read through
  • Developing the beats within each scene
  • Working with actors on character development
  • How to communicate with actors to get the most out of the rehearsal process
  • Determining character objectives and motivation
  • Working on blocking
  • Creating stage pictures using character relationships
  • Developing character entrances and exits
  • Working on the pacing of the play
  • Readying the play for production (opening night)
  • Working with other members of the production team (designers, producer, stage manager, etc.)
  • Working through the final run-throughs
  • Delivering notes to actors and production team members
  • Working through the cue-to-cue tech rehearsal
  • Creating plans for scene changes
  • Finalizing the run of the show for opening night
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Aug 24, 2011, 9:03 AM
Timothy Reid,
Mar 26, 2013, 8:55 AM