IBTA Assessment
External Assessment 50%
Research Investigation
-Dramaturgical research into an unfamiliar theatrical practice
Standard Level: Approximately 1500-1700 words (& visuals)
Higher Level: Approximately 2500 words (& visuals)

Practical Performance Proposal - Proposal ("pitch") of a directorial approach to produce a theater piece based on stimuli provided by the IBO
Standard Level - 250 words with supporting visual materials
Higher Level - 250 words with supporting visual materials & 1,500 word report

Internal Assessment 50%
Theater Performance & Production Presentation - Students are required to deliver an oral presentation on their involvement in performance and production aspects

Standard Level: 20 minutes with 5-7 images
Higher Level: 30 minutes with 7-10 images

Independent Project Portfolio -
Students are required to produce a portfolio reflecting deeply on their independent project
Standard Level: 2,000 words
Higher Level: 3,000 words