Students at HL research a theatre theorist they have not previously studied, identify an aspect (or aspects) of their theory, create and present a solo theatre piece (4–8 minutes) based on an aspect(s) of this theory. This task develops, builds on and extends the skills and understandings developed in the other areas of the syllabus. It requires students to create a fully produced piece of theatre based on theatre theory Students choose a published play text that they have not previously studied, which they are interested in practically exploring as a director and which would allow them to successfully fulfill the assessment requirements and criteria of the task. The director’s notebook, which can be up to 20 pages in length, should be a combination of creative ideas, presented in both words and visuals, along with detailed ideas and explanations. Students plan and deliver an individual presentation (15 minutes maximum) to their peers in which they outline their research and exploration of a theatre tradition they have not previously studied (selected from the prescribed list). The presentation must include a physical demonstration of the student’s practical and physical explorations of the performance convention and its application to a moment of theatre. The student then reflects on the impact this has had on them as a performer and as a learner. Students at HL and SL collaboratively create and present an original piece of theatre (lasting 13–15 minutes) to a specified target audience from a starting point selected by the ensemble. They submit a process portfolio (15 pages maximum) which documents their own individual approaches and skills, the exploration of the starting point selected by the ensemble, the nature of the collaboration and the student’s individual contribution to the creation and presentation of the piece of theatre. The student submits a video recording (4 minutes maximum) in support of the process portfolio which the student selects from the unedited video recording of the created piece.
  • Report (3000 words max.) - theorist's context, explorations of theory, development of piece, analysis & eval of the performance
  • Continuous & unedited recording of the whole solo piece (4-8 mins)
  • List of primary & secondary sources cited
  • Director's notebook (20 pages max) including research into the play text, contexts, artistic explorations of the play as a director, live performance references, two moments staged, intended audience impact
  • Use common page sizes to create a pdf
  • All sources cited
  •  Students submit a continuous, unedited video recording of the live presentation (15 minutes maximum)
  • A list of sources, as well as any additional resources they have used in their presentation that is not clearly seen or understood within the video.
  •  a process portfolio (15 pages maximum) which includes 
  • the student’s identification of their own approaches, interests and skills in theatre and research into the approaches used by a professional company
  • account of the formation of the ensemble/exploration
  • reflections on collaborative development, structuring /preparation, & artistic explorations led by the student
  • evaluation of their own contribution,how the piece fulfilled its intentions, & audience impact 
  • analysis and justification of their specific artistic choices 
  • a video recording (4 minutes maximum) evidencing the student’s contribution to the presentation
  • List of primary & secondary sources cited