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Theatre in the World

Since this is the International Baccalaureate Theatre Course, we'll be studying a wide range of theatrical practices from around the world.  No study of theatre would be complete without an exploration of traditions, skills, styles, and other theatrical elements from other cultures.

According to the IB Theatre Guide you'll gain experience with the following elements:
  • Performance skills in theatre from a variety of cultures, either through workshops or an exploration of text and/or performance conventions.
  • The ability to research and analyze performance traditions from a variety of cultures and historical periods, and to compare them with the performance traditions of their own culture/historical period.
  • The ability to appreciate critically theatre performances from a diverse range of practices from different cultures and historical periods, and to discern the relationship between performance and any theory that may underpin it.
  • An appreciation of the political, social, aesthetic and intellectual context from which theatre evolves and to which it contributes.
  • The skills to argue and debate the significance of theatre practice to the lives of particular communities within a specific historical and cultural context.

Take a tour of the globe now - look around the world and see how our practices are alike and different...