This course is designed for students interested in acting in terms of creating a character for performance.  Voice, movement, and technique as well as analysis and interpretation of a role are stressed through exercises, improvisations, and memorized scenes.  You will be evaluated on the basis of homework, class assignments, 5 performances and a final exam (If you have an 89.5 semester average or above you’re exempt).

Classroom Rules
  • Be Prepared for Class – Always have the required handout, script, or homework assignment for that day’s class with you and be ready to perform if it is your assigned day.
  • Be Respectful of Others – Be quiet and attentive audience members for the others performing or improvising in front of the class
  • Be Responsible – If you are absent on a performance date, be prepared the day you come back. Cutting an assignment, test, or performance means getting an “F” for that grade.
Attendance for all classes is mandatory. What happens in class is the most valuable part of the course. Lateness will not be tolerated.

You will be given enough lead time to know when an assignment is due. If you’re absent, hand it in the day you get back.

Classroom participation is they key. Be ready to get active for each class. If you are most comfortable sitting in the back unnoticed, this may not be the class for you. Anyone can act –give it a try!