Welcome to our gym!!

   Our program at Strawtown incorporates gross motor activities and fundamental skill development with enjoyable age-appropriate activities to promote interest in physical activity and exercise.  Sportsmanship, team work and physical fitness are also greatly emphasized.  
   Students in grades K-2 actively participate in mini theme units that promote skill development and gross motor functioning.  Our units involve throwing skills, catching skills, kicking skills, striking skills and rope jumping.
   Students in grades 3-5 actively participate in a combination of activities based on a modified sports education model that encompasses specific sport skill development and team play.
   Our physical education curriculum is designed to promote physical activity and the attainment of physical fitness in an enjoyable and fun environment.  The goal is to create a desire in each student to maintain physical fitness through life, attain competency in the management of their body and useful physical skills, emphasize safety practices, motivate expression and communication, promote individual and group understainding, provide knowledge and appreciation of physical education activities, make each student aware of the effect of physical activity upon their body and reinforce basic learning's of the total school curriculum.