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Extra Help Times and E-Mail
Mr. Bimbo - gbimbo@ccsd.edu   Wednesday and Thursday Mornings 8:20
Mr. Arenholz- narenholz@ccsd.edu  Wednesday and Thursday Mornings 8:20
Mrs. Rodriguez- prodriguez@ccsd.edu   Wednesday and Thursday Mornings 8:20
Dr. Benjamin- dbenjamin@ccsd.edu

HOMEWORK  01-24-20
 6th                                       7th8th
 English 6 
1) Read the story you chose during class(Stray, Freak the Geek, or Your Move)
2) Worksheet-Character
3) Book Club Project due January 27

English 7
1) Read the next 2 chapters of your book and complete worksheet.

English 8
1) Hope Was Here packet due Friday
2) Hope was Here test Friday
 Math 6
1) Worksheet-rational numbers on the numberline

 Math 7
1) Finish Classwork
2) Quiz next week on ratios, rates, better buy, and proportional relationships
 Math 8 
1) Worksheet-parallel, coincident, and intersecting lines
2) Linear Equations Test next week

Social Studies 6
1) Egypt Test Friday 1/24
Social Studies 7
1)Ticonderoga and 
Bunker Hill Worksheet
Social Studies 8
1) Propaganda Poster Project due 1/29
 Science -
1) Page 13 in your packet.
2) Quiz Tuesday, 1/28
Science - 
1) None

Science - 
1) Pages 1 & 2 in your HW packet.

The Library is open every morning at 8:15 am and after school MondayWednesdayThursday

The Homework Center is open every day before school B-107
During 6th grade lunch A-103
During 7th grade lunch C210
Passes can be gotten through security near the cafeterias
After School B-107 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 

There is a 4:15 late bus after school on MondayWednesday, and Friday

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