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National History Day

If you are interested in doing National History Day please email Mr. Turner at jturner (at) ccsd.edu

Social Studies Honor Society

The Clarkstown North Social Studies Honor Society, created in 1994, honors Clarkstown North students who have achieved distinction in within the department, both in terms of their academic accomplishments and their accomplishments in extracurricular activities. This year's induction ceremony will be held: TBA 

In order to be inducted into the CNSSHS students must have taken three years of social studies and completed United States History while maintaining an 89.5 GPA in those courses, performed at least 25 hours of community service, and maintained a record of positive character.   Final determination as to whether a student will be inducted is solely at the discretion of the Social Studies Department.

Each year at the induction ceremony the department also honors those students who have notable achievements in a variety of social studies activities such as Model Congress, Model United Nations, Debate, National History Day, Mock Trial, etc.

The Social Studies Department also is proud to use this opportunity to recognize members of the community who's contributions reflect the values of the department.  Recent honorees include Special Education Department chair Ms. Ann Dilonardo, Science Department Chair Mr. Dennis Covert,  Ms. Heidi Bernasconi, Mr. Mathew Ferrari and the Charity Water Organization.

Social Studies Honor Society

Please note that the application for the Social Studies Honor Society has moved to Google Classroom. 

Please stay tuned for more information once we decide the honor society will proceed for the 2020-21 school year.

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