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Q: Are IB students accepted into their first choice college/university?

IB students, like all motivated students, want to know whether their high school courses will gain them admission to their top choice university.  College admissions is a tricky business and it is impossible to anticipate which schools will accept which students during any given admissions cycle.  

What is important to know, though, is that diploma candidates have an acceptance advantage at many universities, gaining admission at higher rates than non-IB students.  For example, in 2011 NYU accepted 57% of IB applicants versus 30% of general applicants.  The University of Pennsylvania accepted 24% of IB applicants versus 14% of general applicants.  For more information on acceptance rates in 2011, check out: 

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Q: What colleges & universities have recent IB diploma graduates attended?

        Barnard College                              Northeastern University 

        Binghamton University                    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

        Cornell University                           Rockland Community College  

        Emory University                            St. Thomas Acquinas College

        Fordham University                        Swarthmore College

        George Washington University        Syracuse University

        Lehigh University                           University of California, Santa Barbara

        SUNY Stonybrook                           University of Delaware

        New York University                       University of Wisconsin, Madison

Q: How do IB graduates get an official IB transcript sent to the college/university they are attending?

In the spring seniors will take a Senior Survey indicating the college to which IB scores should be sent.  IB will send one official transcript to the college/university of your choice in July of the year you graduate.  There is no fee for this initial service.

Q: What happens if an IB graduate later transfers to another university?  Will the IB credits be automatically transferred?

Each college/university has its own policy for awarding credits to IB students.  In general, IB credits will not be transferred between universities.  Therefore, if a student transfers after the initial IB transcript was sent, the student will have to request a new transcript directly from IB.  Please see the following link for details: