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 Why is Art Important?
Art is the vehicle that helps us to express & bring our visual ideas to life! What a mundane world it would be without art!
Artists Need to...
have open minds, be inspired, be willing to try something new that's out of their comfort zone, welcome criticism, be patient, be imaginative, be passionate, & dedicated!
Extra Help:
Located in room B113, please wait for my announcement to be informed about which days it will run.
Contact Me: alalli@ccsd.edu
*Reminder: Your art experience lasts for ten weeks, enjoy it and make it count! You will receive a letter grade in this course and it will transfer over to become a part of your overall grade point average.
More of The Annual Art Show
                   The Annual Art Show
      Art Created by SIXTH GRADE students
 Art Created by SEVENTH GRADE students
Art Created by EIGHTH GRADE students