Welcome to Life Science with Mrs. Grafstein and Mrs. Pinto

What is Life Science?

A course designed to help you understand the many aspects of our living world. This program is a full year, introductory "Life Science" course. Topics in this program deal with the scientific method, the microscope, cell structure, taxonomy of plants and animals, evolution, and genetics. The chemistry and microscope units spiral back into sixth grade, while earth science topics are introduced where appropriate in preparation for eighth grade.

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Extra Help

Mrs. Grafstein


Wednesday After School

Thursday 8:15 AM

Mrs. Pinto


8:15 AM

ODD Cycle Days

Homework Center and Library

Need a quiet place to get homework done?

The homework center is open every day:

before school: B107

during lunch: B107 (period 6)

after school: B107 (Monday - Wednesday - Friday)

The library is open:

every morning at 8:15am

after school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday