Welcome to Speech and Language!

Mrs. Kerri Proctor M.S. CCC-SLP

     Students attend speech and language therapy in order to facilitate communication development and progress in the classroom.   Speech and language therapy supports and enhances your child's learning in the classroom by providing strategies and opportunities to practice and refine communication skills.  Students are identified for this support by their achievement on assessments as well as by recommendation of their teachers.  Children that are part of the speech and language program work on improving various communication skills such as:

                                                                        Articulation (producing sounds correctly)
                                                                        Receptive Language (comprehension of language)
                                                                        Expressive Language  (using language to express thoughts and ideas)
                                                                        Pragmatic Language  (social use of language)
                                                                        Fluency (stuttering)

     Speech and language services are scheduled during the school day.  Children are seen in small groups and receive services for 30 minute sessions.  Frequency of services are determined based upon the needs of each individual student.  We work on improving speech and language skills using various fun, motivational activities and games. 

      Parental involvement is strongly encouraged to ensure generalization of skills.  Reinforcement activities are sent home in the speech and language notebook.  Please feel free to contact me at Link Elementary if you have any questions or concerns:  845-624-3494 or e-mail me directly:  kproctor@ccsd.edu