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Use the list below to see if your student(s) attended the writing center. Some ideas for sorting and filtering the data can be found below the list.
  • Once students have attended the writing center, the "Time" columns will be filled in. If there is no information in the Time columns, the student did not attend.

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  • You can filter any column(s) simply by clicking the list at the top of the column and selecting your criteria.
  • For instance, if I wanted to see all of Celini's students that attended the Writing Center, I would click the menu under "Teacher: Last Name" and select "Celini" from the list. This would limit the list to only Celini's students.
  • You can filter multiple columns as well. Using the previous example, by selecting a date from the menus, I could pinpoint all of Celini's students that signed up for September 21, 2009.


  • You can sort by one column at a time. The blue triangle next to the column indicates the current sort.
  • An "up" triangle indicates an "A-Z" sort.
  • A "down" triangle indicate a "Z-A" sort (you can change the triangle by clicking on it).
  • Continuing the previous example above, once I found all of Celini's students that attended on Sep 21, 2009, I could then sort by Last initial to alphabetize the list.