Summer Reading 2014

The Clarkstown North English Department is committed to inspiring and encouraging reading as a lifelong activity in our students. To that end, we ask our students to read two books over the summer and to complete two assignments. 

Students can either opt to complete the double entry assignment over the summer, which is outlined below ("Summer Double Entry Journal") or complete the in-class assignments in the first few weeks of school ("In Class Summer Reading Assignment Descriptions for Fall"). Students should not mix and match. Each set is worth 5% of first quarter grade. If a student completes the Double Entry Journal over the summer, the grade for that assignment will count for the summer reading assessment. Please note: Students may be asked to share their reading in class regardless of what assignment they choose. 

Double Entry Journal--Summer assignment   (all students except IB, AP/ optional summer assignment)

IB Year 2 Summer Reading  (incoming IB year 2 students) 

IB English Year 1 List
IB English Year 2 Assignment
IB Theatre Arts List
AP Literature List (click on link for list of books; come see Mrs. Czajkowski if you need the Paul Roche version of Oedipus).
AP Language List (click on link for list of books; assignment to be given in the fall)