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English Honor Society

Requirements for the English Honor Society

Created initially to honor students who have distinguished themselves in the field of creative writing, EHS has grown to include several areas of English achievement. We celebrate at the end of the year in June. Students will have the option to apply in early-late spring.   


In order to qualify, students need to meet three requirements from the list below UNLESS they are chosen for a department award or scholarship, in which case the award/scholarship will suffice. This list encourages students to participate in activities, succeed academically, win scholarships, or publish.


In total, a student must complete THREE of the following, in any combination.  Students must apply for EHS in March and April through a Google form, which will be available on the English Department website, and list their accomplishments. Students will also need to have all attendance verified by the adviser or teacher in charge. All activities/ awards/ etc will be verified and attendance or participation in an event does not automatically qualify a student as having met that requirement. Students can meet the eligibility requirement by doing any combination of activities from the list below. Check with your English teacher, or email kczajkowski@ccsd.edu, if you have any questions about eligibility requirements.

Examples of possible combinations:

--Attend a poetry reading, be a part of Sticky Notes, be a member of Comic Book Geek Club.

--Be a member of Bard in the Yard, be a member of the poetry club, publish in Epiphany.

--Be in the fall play, read a poem at Java Jive, get front page on TeenInk.com.


CHOOSE 3 FROM LIST BELOW (You may double or triple up activities)


  • Publish writing in a county-wide, regional, national, or international press.  This includes New City Neighbors, The Journal News, Rockland Review, The New York Times,  and other major publications. (Send proof to kczajkowski@ccsd.edu).

  • Publish writing in a regional, national, or international magazine, either print-or electronic based. Student presses include arenas such as: Young Author’s Magazine, High School Writer, Seventeen, Teen Voices, Apprentice Writers, Kidspeak Magazine, Teen Ink, Muse, Scrawl, Skipping Stones.  NOTE: TeenInk Online does NOT count as they publish everyone; other online sites will be reviewed if questioned. (For additional information about publications that are not accepted, see the note below.)

  • Receive editor's choice or front page on TeenInk online--forward the email along to kczajkowski@ccsd.edu.

  • Serve as editor-in-chief of any of the school’s publications—SAGA, Ram’s Horn, Epiphany, Chaos, etc.

  • Serve on staff on any of the English department’s publications--SAGA, Ram’s Horn, Epiphany (must be active and verified by teacher)

  • Win any writing, reading, speaking, or literature contest (after review by a teacher)

  • Score a 100 percent on the English Regents or score a 5 on the AP Language or Literature exam.

  • Be the emcee, director, workshop leader, or lead organizer in an English event (Java Jive, Sticky Notes, Bard in the Yard)

  • Participate (take workshops, write original work, read original work) in Sticky Notes

  • Read or perform your own original work in Java Jive (singing someone else's song, playing an instrument, or signing does not count as an English-related activity)

  • Read your own original work at one or more of the Barnes and Noble Poetry Readings (NOTE: You will need to stay for the reading; you cannot show up and leave)

  • Participate fully in a Story for Kids event/ be an active member of the club (can count for a total of 3 things)

  • Participate fully in Bard in the Yard

  • Participate fully in a theatre event (school sponsored, run by Mr. Reid)

  • Write and "publish" plays for Dramatic Arts (perform at elementary schools)

  • Serve as President or head of any ACTIVE English sponsored and focused club (Story For Kids, Poetry Club, Comic Book Geek Club)

  • Active membership in any English sponsored club that meets regularly (Poetry Club, Comic Book Geek Club)

  • Perform at TEDxYouth/ Forethought Night of Talks

  • Participate in a debate contest with the debate team

  • Attend the Young Author's Conference

  • Be nominated by an AP teacher for National English Merit Association or as one of the four juniors selected to be an NCTE Writing Contest Participant.

The following will AUTOMATICALLY count towards membership in EHS:

  • Be selected for the Principal’s Showcase for English by your English teacher (happens in May)

  • Be awarded one of the department’s awards/scholarships (students find out in May/June).

In addition, Mr. Kaminski (head of TV Production) will be awarding students with admittance based on his assessment of student work:

  • Demonstrate excellence/win an award in computer technology or television production in English (see Mr. Kaminski for this)

Please note: Participation in an event does not automatically mean you will be invited to the EHS. The English Department and Department Chair reserves the right to refuse admittance to English Honor Society if the student's qualifications are questionable or if the student's integrity is questionable. Students who have plagiarized will not be invited to attend regardless of activities.

[*] Note: Several publications are not recognized for English Department Honor Society inclusion. These include any of the “scam” publications, such as poetry.com, The International Library of Poetry, the National Library of Poetry, Watermark Press, Creative Communications and the International Society of Poets.  We will not accept publication onto Teenink.com unless the writing gets published in the print magazine, appears on the front page of the website, or receives editor's choice.