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Every student at Clarkstown North, as well as incoming ninth graders, must read a minimum of two books over the summer. Students must choose two books from the appropriate grade level list and either complete an assignment over the summer or once they return to class. Lists and assignments are available here.  Please contact Mrs. Czajkowski,, if you have any questions. 


Change in policy regarding Research Papers:

As of January 1, 2013, the English Department will no longer be penalizing students with automatic course failures in the absence of a formal research paper. Students will still be assigned research papers, but the earned grades for the papers will be factored into each student's quarter and semester grades.  
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                                --The English Department is currently working on adapting NY State's Core Curriculum into our curricula. 

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Summer Reading 2012

Congratulations to this past year's inductees of the English Honor Society!

Year 1 Inductees

Taciana Albuquerque  Airene Ambrona  Alyssa Angel  Vincent Bhandal  Kristian Blaine  Renata (Remie) Brazee  Ming-Shang Chang  Gia Chawala  Elena Conte  Brittany Cooper  Michael Cordaro  Alyssa D'Aquino  Daniel De Sarlo  Teodoro Delellis  Sarah Dinkes  Stefan Eapen   Evan Farrell  Madison Fisher  Augustus Fisher  Jacob Fishkin  Samantha Fuller  Samantha Germano  Austin Gold  Erika Goldstein  Jodi Gottlieb  Michael Gurock  Sasha Hanin  Lauren Hernandez  Justin Hong  Irina Huang  Shantal Kash  Steven Kats  Min Kyung Kim  Maraquette Koss  Jacob Kuhn  Ellen Kulangara  Nicole Larsen  Morgan Lauder  Lauren Lee  Piera Licht  Shivkrish Lingala  Darra Loganzo  Matthew Marchese  Matthew Martin  Meaghan McGovern  Brittany McManus  Aaron Meinero  Maytar Nebel  Jenevieve Nutovits  Isabella Octaviano  Thalia Orphee  Samantha Pacheco  Maksim Perel   Oluwafemi Popoola  Rathna Ramanathan  Karishma Ramdat  Emmett Rauth  Brenna Scanlon  Nicole Schachman  Brandon Schnapper  Nicole Schrumpf  Keith Selover  Alexandra Studwell  Jacob Tobias  David Tram  Allison Trupp  Shahrukh Uddin  Colleen Urban  Sanjana Vasa  Rebecca Vayalumkal  Daniel Willows  Deborah Winograd  Cassie Wolff  Spencer Wollman  Caitlin Wong  Sherry Wu


Year 2 Inductees

Gregory Briker  Morgan Brill  Julianne Caponigro  Gregory Carrobis  Alina Dvorovenko  Thomas Farro  Jake Gogats  Michael Grover  Melissa Hollander  Gabi Im  Ifeoma Irobunda  Jordan Kenney   Hannah Levin  Alexander Linkoff  Emilia Naranjo  Apurva Parikh  Emily Quaglia  Miskat Rahman  Jessica Rivera  Emily Shiang  Jeanine Siegel  Samantha Weiss   Michal Zweig


Year 3 Inductees

Margaret Andresen  Jake Cohen  Alana Corey  Charissa Fajardo  Daniel Friedman  Ashley Kadamthottu  Alexandra Kenney   Ryan Kilgannon  Joan Lee  Amelia Mindich  Sophie Silverman Caitlin Wolper


Year 4 Inductees

Brandon Reiter  Zoe Temco  Danielle Zolit