Classroom Procedures

The adult dropping the child off every morning and picking them up in the afternoon are to sign them in and out on the clipboard provided. They are to write their name, the student's name, and time of drop off (7:30-7:45 am). For pick-up (2:15-2:30 pm) the adult writes their own name to the right of the morning signature and time. The State Department requires us to keep daily records. If the time is later than 7:45, you must go to the office and sign them in there before bringing them to the cafeteria where we will be eating breakfast. Any dismissal before 2:15 pm is handled through the office and is considered a tardy.

Parent volunteers are appreciated and encouraged. A volunteer form must be filled out and turned in to the office and the volunteer has to be finger-printed, at their own expense, as well. These are submitted to the Board of Education for approval.