Hello, my name is Dr. Jennifer DeHart.  I teach seventh and eighth grade Reading and Language Arts.  Reading is my passion and I hope to encourage my students to develop their own passion for reading.  Reading can and will benefit them in all courses of study and in many areas of their lives.  This year's theme is CHAMPION (courage, honor, attitude, motivation, perseverance, integrity, necessary).  This is going to be a fun-filled, exciting year!

7th Grade Syllabus

8th Grade Syllabus

YouTube Video

This is a video that we created for our students to show we care and also try to pump them up for this year's TCAP.  We had just received an award from the State since we made top 10% of gains on TCAP in Middle Tennessee.  We got second and received gifts and awards!  We were pumped and wanted the students to be also.  They loved this and we did too!!!  Enjoy!

My school supplies' list is as follows:
1 - (2-3 inch) Three ring binder; 6-8 pocket subject dividers; colored pens (assorted colors); 1 (5 - subject) spiral notebook; 4 plastic folders with no brads; 1 bottle of clear Elmer's glue; scissors (large size), and highlighters.

Wish List:  

2 boxes of kleenex Tissues; 1 bottle of GermX; 2 Clorox wipes; and 1 pack of dry erase markers. We are always in need of these items!