WELCOME TO MUSIC AND BAND AT  
                                   HOMESTEAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

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I am Rick Weyhrich, and this is my ninth year here at Homestead.

Friday, Aug. 7 -     1st day of band for 6, 7, 8th grade band.
                                   Students who were in band last will begin at this time.
                                   Students who have not had band or transfer students need to see 
                                   Mr. Weyhrich on Aug. 10th for placement.

*5th grade band students will begin "pre-band" class during special area time and be in beginning band by the end of August.

As the music teacher at Homestead Elementary School, I will have a 35 minute session of music with each class, Pre-Kindergarten through the fourth grade, on a once-a-week basis.

+Pre-K through 1st grade children will learn the basics of music including loud/soft, high/low pitch, melody, rhythm, movement, various instruments, and lots of singing.

+2nd through 4th graders will learn to read music and be exposed to music appreciation and history as well as the various instruments and singing.

+4th grade students are instructed on the recorder in the spring.

+Computer-based Groovy Music is part of the curriculum for each class.

+We have our annual Christmas Program in December and a school-wide Talent Show in the spring.

The study of music helps develop teamwork, self-expression, language skills, and reasoning. Besides that, it's just plain fun! If you have any questions about music class at Homestead, please feel free to contact me at the school, 456-8344. I look forward to teaching your children!