Hello parents and students! I'm Mr. Brown and I"ll be teaching English III and Economics/Personal Finance.  I'm excited about the variety of material and students I will have. This is going to be a challenging, but fun year. If you have any questions or concerns contact me anytime at the school or via email. Typically I will respond to calls after school in the afternoon. If you are looking for a more immediate response,  I check my email throughout the day. I look forward to working with each of you. 

I have a strict policy of requiring maximum effort in all my classes. I realize students are all unique individuals with unique abilities. However it is my belief that student's academic performance  is directly linked to how much effort is given. Every student walks into to my classroom with blank slate, so whatever is in the past is exactly that, in the past. I plan to equip students with tools that will benefit them in their current lives and  to prepare them for success in the  future. 

Each week I will post all lesson plans and assignments on this website for any parent or student to check. If you know you or child is going to be absent, checking my website would be a great way to stay on par with the class. My class does have a lot of interactions, group discussions and team work which is difficult to make up if you are absent, so please come to class unless it is an emergency. 

Once again, I look forward to this school year! Thank you for checking out my page. 

Nathan O. Brown

"Plan to succeed. Failure is not an option."