Welcome To Mr. Greene's Lesson Plan Website

Mr. James Greene
Bachelor of Science, Biology/Chemistry, Belmont University, 1991
Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction, TTU, 2003

Science Department
Stone Memorial High School

Courses Taught:
Biology I & II
Honors Biology I and II
Computer Science Foundations
Web Design I and II
Coding I
AP Computer Science A

Contact Information:
Telephone:    931-484-5767
email:            greenej7@k12tn.net

Mr. Greene standing next to a very large Tulip Poplar at Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina.
The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest has a large stand of totally uncut, virgin Appalachian Forest, including the giant, climax species Tulip Poplar and Hemlock trees. The hemlocks, unfortunately, may not survive a current bout of Wooly Adelgids, combined with a severe drought during the Summer of 2008 and multiple mild winters. Many hemlocks in the forest are already stressed beyond the point of no return.

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