Homestead Elementary School
Miss Leah Threet

AR Theme for 2016-2017
Super Hero

Kindergarten News Miss Threet

Week Of: September 19th-23rd

Harvest Festival, Friday, September 30th  4:00-7:00 p.m.
We will have  a "Gift Card Basket" to auction at the Festival.  If you could send gift cards we would greatly appreciate it.  They can be any type of card. Food, businesses, etc.  The money will be evenly distributed throughout our grade level. We can also use help with our "Ping Pong Fish" booth. If you can help set up or work the booth during the Festival we would appreciate that as well.  Thanks so much.

Fall Break  October 10th-14th

Academic Work for the week of: Sept. 19th-23rd

Weekly Story: Julius
Vocabulary Sight Words: New: have, is  Review: I, am
Practice with the flash cards send home a few minutes each night.

Recognition of Letters: New Letter People 
Ms. C (Colossal Cap)
Mr. I (Impossible Inches)
Review Letter People:
Ms. S (Super Socks)     Mr. M (Munchy Mouth)
Ms. T (Tall Teeth)    Ms. A (A'choo)  
Ms. P (Pointy Patches)

Working on counting to 30
Recognizing numbers 0-12
Counting Objects 0-5
Number Words Zero- Ten
Writing numbers 0-12

Please work on helping your child write their name correctly with the Capital letter larger than the lower case letters. Also practice writing numbers and letters.

Thanks for your help at home. It really makes a difference.

Suggested reading list:
Quick as a Cricket
Amilia Bedelia (series)
Make Way for Ducklings
If you give a Mouse a Cookie
The Little Engine that Could
Caps for Sale
Junie B. Jones (series)

School Supply List
Miss Threet 
    Pencils (No. 2)            Glue Sticks
    Crayons (24 pk)        Small Scissors
    SMALL pencil box        Ruler
    Backpack                    Band-Aids
    3 boxes kleenex        Clorox wipes(2)
    zip lock bags
    2 large pink erasers
    Dry erase markers 
    Headphones for computer lab
    Two 1” 3 Ring Binders(black  97 cents at Walmart)
    $15.00 Donation 

        Please go ahead and purchase extra school supplies (such as crayons, glue, scissors, pencils) while they are cheaper.  These types of supplies will need to be replenished from time to time .

Classroom Rules
Miss Threet 
    1. Follow directions the first time
         they are given.

    2. Listen to the person speaking.

    3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    4. Raise hand and wait to be called
        on before speaking.

    5. Bring needed supplies to class.

    6. Smile:) It makes me feel great!

**If a student chooses to break a rule:

    1. First time: name on board(warning)
    2. Second time: one check 15 min.
        time out at recess.
    3. Third Time: two checks 30 min.
        time out at recess.
    4. Fourth time: three checks note and
        phone call home to parents.

Dear Parents,