7:45-9:05      1st Block
                    9:05-10:00   2nd Block
                    10:00-10:40  Specials
                    10:40-11:00   Wellness
                    11:10-12:00    Bulldog Block
                    12:05-12:35  Lunch      
                    12:40-1:10    2nd Block
                    1:10-2:30      3rd Block



6th Grade – Math

Homestead Elementary



Teacher:  Jason Beaty

Email Address:



Go Math – Middle School Grade 6




Materials Needed:        

1 in. Binder

                                                  TI-30X IIS Calculator

                                                  Pencils (enough for the whole year)

Paper- Lined and Graph (enough for the whole year)


Grading Procedure:


Homework/Classwork – 25%

Quiz/Test – 60%

AMath (Average exercises, tests, and practices)  – 15%



Major Assignments/ Tests/ Field Trips:


AMath – Reward Trip meeting 24 Objectives @ 85% Correct

         1st 9 Weeks – Autumn Acres

         2nd 9 Weeks –

         3rd 9 Weeks –

         4th 9 Weeks – 


Benchmark Test – End of 1st 9 weeks, End of 2nd 9 Weeks (in January), end of 3rd 9 weeks


Go Math – End of each Module the students will have a test/quiz and at the end of each week.




Attendance/ Make-up Work:


Students must follow the Cumberland County, Homestead Handbook guidelines for being absent – 3 days for make – up, test make up after school


Any F (below a 70) received in class can be redone if student wants to receive partial credit back.

Late homework: Points will be deducted daily for all the late assignments.

Homestead Bark Rules

1.  Be Ready

2.  Act Responsibly

3.  Respect Yourself and Others

4.  Keep it Safe


* I offer tutoring in the mornings